NJ Semi-Conductors reserves the right to change test conditions, parameters limits and package dimensions without notice information furnished by NJ. 2N Specifications: SCR Type: Sensitive Gate ; Voltage – Off State: V ; Current – On State (It (RMS)) Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 2N . 2N Teccor® Sensitive SCR ;; Package= TO Three-lead. The Teccor line of sensitive SCR semiconductors are half-wave unidirectional, gate-controlled.

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Sensitive gate SCRs are easily triggered with microAmps of current as furnished by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Junction Temperature Figure 2: Normalized DC Holding Current vs. O n-State Current vs.

On-State Voltage Typical 3. Power Dissipation Typical vs.

M aximum Allowable Case Temperature vs. Maximum Allowable Case Temperature vs.


SCR datasheet or equivalant | All About Circuits

Average On-State Current Figure 8: Maximum Allowable Ambient Temperature vs. Average On-State Current 80 60 40 datashee 0 0. Peak Capacitor Discharge Current 0 0.

Surge Peak On-State Current vs. G ate control may be lost during and immediately following surge current interval. Overload may not be repeated until dataxheet temperature has returned to steady-state rated value. Gate trigger voltage is the reading on VGT just prior to V1 dropping. IGT may turn out to be a negative quantity trigger current flows out from gate lead.

2N6565 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) – Littelfuse, Inc

If negative current occurs, IGT value is not a valid reading. Other ways to ensure long life for a power discrete semiconductor are proper heat sinking and selection of voltage ratings for worst case conditions.

Correct mounting, soldering, and forming of the darasheet also help protect against component damage. Case is electrically nonconductive.