5WG1 567-1AB22 PDF

Switching actuator N /22, 16x AC V, 10 A, cos phi = 1,. with relay contact per output as switching element, rated operating voltage AC V, rated. 5WG1 AB Functional description. The switching actuator N /22 needs the application program “25 A16 binary, blinking before off C01”. There is. Product data sheet. 5WGAB Similar to image. N /22 SWITCHING ACTUATOR 16X AC V,. 10A. Technical data: Type of display / LED. Yes.

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It can switch three groups of electrical consumers, independent of each other, via its three relay contact outputs. The bus is connected via a bus terminal block.

Building Technologies

The actuator electronics are supplied via the bus voltage. The power supply of the electronics is carried out via an integrated power supply unit for AC V. The device is to be used for sun protection control in the as-delivered state, even without a bus line connected and without prior configuration with the Engineering Tool Software ETS. In the as-delivered state stand-alone modeall inputs act directly on the outputs, i.

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If a sunblind is to be operated from several points, then a number of pushbuttons can be connected in parallel to the corresponding inputs. Each output can be switched on and off in “Direct mode” as long as the corresponding pushbutton on the top side of the device see figure 1 will be pressed.

If, after direct switching of an output, direct mode is not ended by another press of the “Direct mode” pushbutton, then this is done automatically 15 minutes after the final press of one of the pushbuttons on the top side of the N Only one sun blind drive motor for mains voltage with electromechanical limit switches or with integrated electronics for final position disconnection may be connected to each of the four outputs of the.

The parallel operation of several drives on one output requires the intermediate switching of a special isolating relay.

It is designed for lighting control, i. The bus is connected via a bus terminal and the power supply for the electronics is provided by an integrated V AC power supply unit.


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A sub-module cannot be operated stand-alone or be directly connected to the bus. The sub-module electronics are supplied by bus voltage via the 6-pole bridging connector.

In total up to 4 switching actuator sub-modules can be connected in series to a switching actuator main module, so that amain module, if need be, can be extended simply from a 3-fold to a 6- 9- or fold switching actuator and thus bematched flexibly to the number of loads to be switched. It 576-1ab22 indicated by flashing of the corresponding 5wb1 LED A to E on the top of the main module if more sub-modules are set than are actually connected or if the set sub-module type does not 567-1ab2 with the sub-module type actually connected or if a sub-module is detected as faulty.

The comprehensive application program of the switching actuator main module controls both the main module outputs and the outputs of all connected sub-modules. Besides other functions, this includes measuring and monitoring the load current for each output on load failure and overload, simultaneousswitchingof all 3 outputs 3-phase switchingconverting a speed preset as a percentage into 1- to 3-stage switching commands fan speed controlconversion of a valve setting preset as a percentage into a pulse width modulated switching command thermal drive controla switching cycle and runtime count with threshold monitoring for each output and an integrated 8-bit scene control, in which each output can be incorporated into up to 8 scenes.

It is connected to a universal dimmer main module or to a preceding submodule via a low voltage terminal block. The power supply for the electronics is provided by an integrated V AC power supply unit. Universal dimmer expansion New One output for the switching and dimming of resistive, inductive or capacitive loads Rated operational voltage: Ver los precios P. Familias de Productos KNX.

Device for DIN-rail mounting in N-system design: Connecting mixed loads both inductive and capacitive loads, e. A main module is connected to the KNX bus with a bus terminal. The power supply 55wg1 the electronics is carried out over an integrated power supply unit for V AC input voltage. 5dg1 20, dimensions L x W x H: The application program can be downloaded with ETS 3.


Todos los derechos reservados. Web Referencia Descripcion Familia Precio. The Schuko outlet with status display and the matching frame must be ordered separately; if using a flush-mounting junction box together with the respective mm leveling ring you can dispense with the distance frame.

N Conecta cuatro grupos de consumidores elctricos, independientes entre s, con cuatro contactos libres de potencial rel biestable. Conexin al bus a 567-1ab222 del perfil de datos 4 10 3 mdulos. GE Conecta dos grupos de consumidores elctricos, independientes entre s, con dos contactos libres de potencial rel biestable.

The connection of inductive loads e. Relay contact rated for connection of max.

Shutter control inserts sys for control of a solar protection drive with AC motor for V AC and electromechanical limit switches, with electrically interlocked relays to reverse the direction of rotation, with relay contacts rated for V AC, 1 motor with max. The pushbutton wave shutter UP and the respective frame must be ordered separately.

Halogenlampen mit vorgeschalteten konventionellen – oder elektronischen Transformatoren gedimmt und geschaltet werden. Das Geraet erkennt selbststaendig die daran angeschlossene Last und schaltet sich dann auf Phasenan- oder Phasenabschnittsteuerung. Verschiedene Funktionen sind parametrierbar wie z. AC V 50Hz. Laststromkreis ueber schraubenlose Klemmen. Busanschluss ueber Kontaktsystem fuer Datenschiene. Unterputzgeraete zum Einbau in zwei direkt nebeneinander oder uebereinander liegende Geraetedosen Durchschnitt 60 mm, 40 mm tief.

Apto para montaje incorporado en luminarias fluorescentes, aunque puede montarse por separado. Jalousieaktor N PL 2×2-fach zur Ansteuerung von bis zu 4 Sonnenschutz- oder Fensterantrieben mit Motoren fuer AC V ueber zwei Aktorkanaele, an die jeweils bis zu zwei Antriebe parallel anschliessbar sind, pro Kanal mit zwei elektrisch gegeneinander verriegelten Relais zur Drehsinn-Umschaltung des Antriebs, mit Kommunikations- Objekten pro Aktorkanal zum Verfahren des Sonnenschutzes bzw. AC V, 50 Hz, Nennstrom: X AC V, 16A.

Actuador de conmutacion 3-canales, Modulo principal, 10A, C-Last. Actuador dimmer, modulo principal, Actuador dimmer, modulo secundario, Universal dimmer, submodule, Actuadir dimmer universal, 1x W, montaje empotrado en caja universal.