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At about four in the afternoon the Duke of Nevermore’s huge black automobile pulled up in front of the garden gate. The Duke’s chauffeur, a little old man with long gray hair whose face bore the marks of homosexual deviation, ran up to get Bungo, leaving the motor idling.

A moment later, followed by the uneasy gaze of Bungo’s mother, who without any justification regarded the Duke as her son’s evil genius, they were racing along at a speed of sixty kilometers an hour in the direction of the great forests of Bukowina, which enclosed the distant horizons.

The Duke was not alone.

His private physician, Doctor Upaki, know as the Instrument, was with him. He was a tall man, impeccably dressed all in black.

His balding, egg-shaped skull was encircled by a crown of bright red hair that turned yellowish whiteat the temples. His nose was broken almost at a right angle, and his gold-rimmed glasses rested on a ridge parallel to the horisontal.


Updaki them were lurking the penetrating gray eyes of a notorious hypnotist. His sensual mouth, which seemed to be constantly savoring something exceedingly nasty, was concealed from above by a dark-hued fiery red mustache and protruded slightly over on almost completely atrophied lowe jaw. This person resembled a tripod used to support some kind of surveying instrument; it seemed that his limbs could be unscrewed and the pieces put into one another.

upadki Bunga czyli Demoniczna kobieta by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz | LibraryThing

And moreover, he himself appeared to possess the elasticity of a certain part of a bull’s anatomy. It was impossible to imagine a situation in which this strange character would be out of place. When bungo entered the small, dirty room cluttered with an astonishing number of apparently unrelated objects, the two gentlemen were discussing the correct functioning of a gasoline motor recently invented by the Duke. A lascivious smile of complicity played around his lips, while his eyes retained a tinge of jealousy mixed with admiration and disdain: There was something demonic in the Duke’s artificial sweetness.

His lips, like a strange fruit freshly cut open, quivered slightly when Bungo nonchalantly threw him a letter covered with a woman’s angular handwriting. She also writes that your friendship cannot satisfy her entirely. The letter is, however, unmistakably in your style.

The word ‘essentially’ is used at least ten times.

So you obviously have an ‘essential’ influence on her”, Bungo drawled slowly, playing with the Pravatz syringe lying next to some garters and Webster’s tome, The Dynamics of Particles. You should establish a home for fallen women, and appoint me as inspector bujga of bedrooms”, Bungo went on sarcastically.


upadki Bunga, czyli Demoniczna kobieta (Book, ) []

But by now the Duke had already gained complete control of himself. Bungo avidly set about reading it. I think my rupture bbunga broken open”, and unwinding his antirupture belt, he examined a huge wound on the right side of his stomach, “But read on.

Dear, beloved Edgar, forgive me. There was an actor so like Bungo, who so reminded me of his lips, that I could not resist writing a letter to him. I know that it is not essential and that is why I am writing. Tomorrow I shall begin to concentrate anew and then Uparki write to you again.

It is two in the morning I am writing in bed. I am already concentrated. Tomorrow I am going to paint a still life with fruit and I shall try to get control of upaadki, even in such trifling maters.

I squeeze your hand very, very hard. They remained seated for a while, thinking of the perversity of women in general, and a dull melancholy began to take possession of them.

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The Duke was the first to get hold of himself. This website is using cookies. Autor opisuje artystyczne dojrzewanie bohatera, swojego alter ego. Bungs, kochany Edgarze, przebacz mi.