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The Nostradamus Prophecy by Theresa Breslin. His mother, Catherine de Medici, pays more heed to the soothsayer’s words – she believes he can truly see the future.

The Nostradamus Prophecy

But Nostradamus’s prophecies are not only for those who rule: For he is certain that Fate links him and Melisande together. And as the Angel of Death approaches, the soothsayer gives into her safekeeping some very special parchments – parchments that the titled heads nostradamux France would do anything to see.

A rich, brdslin adventure set in the tumultuous years of the alte sixteenth century in France – a time of assassination, poisons, seers and the sword. A time when a king must be saved Paperbackhheresa. ArmandMelchiorMelisandeChantelleNostradamus Carnegie Medal Nominee To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Nostradamus Prophecyplease sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about The Nostradamus Prophecy. Lists with This Book. Aug 07, Rebecca May rated it really liked it Shelves: Though The Nostradamus Prophecy was brilliantly done, I cannot claim to have enjoyed it anywhere near as much as Prisoner of the Inquisition or The Medici Sealboth of which were also written by Theresa Breslin.

It would be going too far to say that this novel was a disappointment, but it did leave we with a vague sense of disquiet and dissatisfaction. Perhaps it was not wise to do so, but I approached The Nostradamus Prophecy as a sort of sequel to Devil’s Queena novel which was, incidentally Though The Nostradamus Prophecy was brilliantly done, I cannot claim to have enjoyed it anywhere near as much as Prisoner of the Inquisition or The Medici Sealboth of which were also written by Theresa Breslin.

Perhaps it was not wise to do so, but I approached The Nostradammus Prophecy as a sort of sequel to Devil’s Queena novel which was, incidentally, written by my favourite author of historical fiction, Jeanne Kalogridis. The Nostradamus Prophecy is set over a time period that comprises perhaps the last third of Devil’s Queen.

Ds Queen has a story that revolves around the main character of Catherine de’Medici, and Kalogridis paints a decidedly more sympathetic picture of Catherine porfecia Theresa Nosttradamus. Needles to nlstradamus, therefore, the extremely unsympathetic portrait given in this novel rather annoyed me.

La profecia del Louvre / The Nostradamus Prophecy : Theresa Breslin :

I haven’t done enough personal research to definitively say which authoress presents a more accurate depiction of the woman. But – perhaps because I have a little bit of a nostradamuus spot for the Medici family – I simply did not enjoy Theresa Breslin’s take as much as Jeanne Kalogridis’ version.

That being said, it appeared to me that Theresa Breslin managed to paint swift and vivid portraits of all her other historical characters; portraits that to me seemed pretty much spot bresln. King Charles was – quite rightly, in my view – depicted as a weak, vicious, sadistic little bastard, and King Henri of Navarre was, by contrast an honourable, clever and kind man.

And frankly, lrofecia more deserving of the word “King” than Charles ever was. I often make an active attempt not to guess at possible plot twists or ending of a novel, but the twist at the end of The Nostradamus Prophecy seemed to me to be blatantly obvious. Which is an impressive bresliin, seeing as I’m usually on nostraeamus receiving end of comments like: But come on, people; this entire novel would have been a monumental let nostrasamus if the ‘king that must be saved’ was Charles.


Even if Melisande continually believed the prophecy to be referring to Charles, as soon as I saw the prophecy I thought; “Yep, therwsa gotta be Henri. She has the talent of shocking the reader with extraordinary ease, and at all time the expressive way she used her words makes the novel almost sing with intense emotion.

Her descriptions of the fascinating historical backdrop of France are beautiful, and thankfully not so long-drawn out so as to make one lose interest completely, as some authors are wont to do. The main character, Melisande I love that name on paper, but someone please tell me how to pronounce itis a lovely young thing, thankfully with the inability to lie with any sort of success whatsoever.

Heroines can be all too devious in certain novels nowadays. It was both a pleasure and a sadness to watch Melisande’s character grow up throughout the novel. She had the usually heroic qualities of bravery, loyalty, and intelligence, but her character was enhanced by her gift for prophecy and nostrasamus extraordinary love of music. Though I can’t pretend to share her skill, I certainly felt like I could identify with Melisande every time she spoke of her music, or her sorrow at being without it.

My favourite character in the novel, hands down, was Lord Thierry. He was exceedingly intelligent, and rather cunning in that way that just makes you want breslln laugh with delight when he outwits people.

The Nostradamus Prophecy by Theresa Breslin

His nostradaums added excitement and inspired affection – at least in me. I found hi to be a vastly interesting character, simply because he seemed so trustworthy, but at the same time you had to maintain reservations to begin with because Melisande is so nervous of him.

I found his love of music and the way it warmed his heart very, very sweet. Furthermore, Profecua loved the way that his kindness and shyness were often juxtaposed with the qualities of a natural-born leader worthy of devotion. I really, really wish that Melisande could have married Lord Thierry, grown to love him truly, and that the two of them could have lived happily ever after.

The age difference between the two of them didn’t bother me in the least – probably because I’ve read one too many Regency romances – and I found myself crying when Thierry said goodbye to Melisande, giving up his life so that she might escape. Lord Thierry deserved a happier ending.

But then again, I also realize that if the two of them had married, the novel would have had to be re-classified as a historical romance, rather than a historical fiction. But I still wish Thierry hadn’t died. I mean, frankly I was often more interested in his pet leopard Paladin. On that note, well done to Theresa Breslin for making a leopard into such an awesome, engaging character. Okay, dude, you go ahead and do that. However, Theresa Breslin does do an admirable job of making history come to life, in an exciting and emotional tale.

While I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as some of her other works, The Nostradamus Prophecy is truly deserving of the four stars I decided to give to it. I would, however, very highly recommend her other novels, The Medici Seal and Prisoner of the Inquisitionboth of which I gave five stars.

I would also recommend Jeanne Kalogridis work to anyone interested in the Italian Renaissance. Apr 12, Zoe Golden rated it liked it Shelves: Simple to read and kept me engaged until the end. Jan 27, Alex at Raiding Bookshelves rated it liked it Shelves: Theresa Breslin’s ‘The Nostradamus Prophecies’ follows the turmoil of Melisande, Minstrel’s daughter, after the death of her sister and the imprisonment of her sister.

In her terror, confusion and determination to see her sister avenged, Nostradzmus knows only one man who can help her. Unfortunately theress Melisande, Nostradamus has seen more than just he Theresa Breslin’s ‘The Nostradamus Prophecies’ follows the turmoil of Melisande, Minstrel’s daughter, after the death of her sister and the imprisonment of her sister.


Unfortunately proffecia Melisande, Nostradamus has seen more than just her Father’s rescue in her future. Breslin has set her novel in France during the Religious Wars that riddled the rule of young Prince Charles and towards the very end of the life of, the most famous soothsayer of all time, Nostradamus.

Breslin immediately makes an effort to keep history in its place while creating her own set of events. By creating a series of unimportant characters, to history, Breslin has allowed the events in her novel to unfold as though they are fact. Mesliande, the daughter of a travelling Minstrel, her love interest, the wild Leopard tamer, Melchior and several other characters have been created to interact with the historical cast of King Nowtradamus cast.

As Melisande’s story focuses on her mission on behalf of Nostradamus, it is accepted by the nostradwmus that the events could reflect fact as Nostradamus was a very mysterious figure.

Breslin has chosen well in Mesliande. Her voice narrates with a sweetness and innocence often found in young, protected children of her age, but matures as she ages through the novel. She is kind, without guile and dedicated; her stubbornness is a natural trait when compared to her love for her family and her music.

Breslin has few faults in the Nostradamus Prophecies. Like most novels, there are some obvious coincidences, such as the ease with which escapes, captures and meetings are made. Melisande is lucky to find people, in a mostly poverty stricken and war ridden country, who are able to care proefcia her.

For those without knowledge of the events rule of King Charles IX, the massacre prophesied by Nostradamus in the first chapters is difficult to think out.

La profecia del Louvre / The Nostradamus Prophecy

But for those with some knowledge, Melisande’s confusion can be frustrating. As she repeatedly describes the fighting, sieges and distrust between those of Protestant and Catholic faith, it is hard to know how she fails to recognise it for the massacre it will eventually become. Melisande must face many trials, the least of which is knowing who can, and provecia, be trusted.

Her naturally emotional personality, important to a Minstrel, leads her noostradamus share her story with more people than she ought; despite repeated warnings to tell no one anything. Breslin’s other characters are not as complex as Mesliande and some, such as Giorgio and Lord Thierry, are quite predictable despite the ways she attempts to mask their motives.

The Nostradamus Prophecies are an interesting insight into the world of 16th Century France, and I urge anyone with nostradzmus interest to pick it up. I look forward to reading The Medici Seal. May 23, Ruth Lauren added it Shelves: When Nostradamus, wild-eyed and trembling, proclaims to the French Court his prophecy of a great massacre, the young King Charles only laughs. His mother, Catherine de Medici, pays more thersa to the soothsayer’s words – she believes he can truely see the future.

But Nostradamus’s prophecies are not only for those who rule; he also has a message for Melisande, the minstrel’s daughter. I’m glad I did. Although the protagonist Melisande is but twelve years of age at the start of the story that’s how it’s written, only in first person from Melisande’s point of view – it was on brrslin a winner with me just from this by the wayshe is, in some respects, a girl of that age – a young lady yheresa than a child.

In other respects, she is unlike many other girls nostfadamus have been. Melisande is well-educated, strong-willed, outspoken, quick-witted and capable. Just the kind of girl I like. This is the way I enjoy learning about history best: