Happo undo no aikiken kata Padrinosan – YouTube. Learn the core Aiki Ken and Jo curriculum from Morihiro Saito. Includes the 31 jo kata and kumijo as well as bonus materials.

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The practice of aiki-ken is not pervasive.

Aiki-ken – Wikipedia

Some schools of aikido incorporate weapons training that is unrelated to aiki-ken, and others forego weapons training entirely. Much of aiki-ken bears little similarity to other modern sword arts. Rather than learning to “fight” with swords, the primary purpose of aiki-ken is to magnify errors in one’s aikido technique, and to give the student an opportunity to apply the principles of aikido in different situations.

Aiki-ken is practiced using bokken a wooden katana and has a wide variety of techniques. Saito codified two sets of techniques, the first being seven suburi solo cutting exercisesand the second being five partnered forms.


Some dojo also practice jiyu-waza armed with bokken freestyle technique, without a predetermined form of attack and response. There are seven aiki-ken suburi in Saito’s tradition, and are very simply named as follows:. There are five kumitachi in Saito’s aiki-ken curriculum.

The kumitachi teach students aikiien to alternately control the center line and move off it to avoid attacks and how to blend with an opponent’s attacks, among other skills.

Improvisational variations on the kumitachi called henkawhich generally cause the kumitachi form to end early with one person taking advantage of an opening to strike or throw the other, are also taught. Aiki martial arts principle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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