The Alba Method (also known as Alba Emoting) is a means for identifying, inducing, and regulating genuine emotion through conscious application of patterns of. This thesis proposes that Alba Emoting™ is a safe, effective, and teach Alba Emoting as a technique for generating emotion in acting. Alba Emoting: A Psychophysiological Technique to Help Actors. Create and Control Real Emotions. Susana Bloch. Theatre Topics, Volume 3, Number 2.

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Alba Technique is a cutting-edge method that allows you to produce real emotions on-demand, using only your body. Just take a breath In Alba, there are 6 basic emotions: Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness, and two forms of love: These are the primary colors of human emotion.

All other feelings we identify are mixes of two or more of these core emotions. Working with all the aspects of a Pattern in your body, you can enter into any emotional state at will. An Alba actor emting then able to Step Out of the emotional state, returning to a neutral, healthy state of mind and body.

At Alba Technique, we take a holistic approach, honoring the absolute fullness and subtlety of each emotion, as well as giving our full attention and acceptance to the body. In an Alba class, there are no rights or wrongs, only brilliant discoveries.


A student of Alba Technique can expect to become happier, healthier, and more emotionally well-rounded. And most of all: An even better actor. In this 3-hour workshop, reveal your ideal alignment, approach true Neutral using the revolutionary Step-Out protocol, and explore 3 of the Alba Effector Patterns, beginning to truly Know Yourself for the first time.


Classes are Tuesday pm and Wednesday pm. In this all-day weekend intensive in NYC, class size is limited to empower you with maximal neuro-processing time. Dive into all 6 of the Alba Effector Patterns, truly feeling – for the first time – the power of the emotion inside you waiting to be unlocked.

February 17th and 18th May 26th and 27th October 6th and 7th Alba Technique does not offer refunds of tuition fees. Emiting for any reason whatsoever you are unable to attend the training for which you paid, Alba Technique will offer you a place in the next comparable class.

Alba Method Association | Alba Emoting

If professional commitments make it impossible for you emotijg schedule the next workshop equivalent to the workshop for which you paid, we will work with you to find a workshop within a 1-year period that is possible in your schedule, on a space-available basis. We Want To Teach You! We realize that ‘Life Happens. For weekly, private, or ongoing classes, rescheduling must be within 8 weeks of the period to which you originally committed. The Ireland Intensive is a 7-day workshop in Ireland where you will study Alba Technique in a unique and powerful way.

This year our trip will be held from July 19th to the 25th. The zlba were held in the beautiful Wexford Opera House. Alba Technique travels to LA annually!

We offer a variety of classes: Private available on demand. Classes are held at Anthony Meindel’s Actors Workshop.

Alba Emoting | BreathXpress

Visiting NYC for a trip? Alba Technique wants to work with you and your schedule while you are here. Depending on the length and time of your visit we will customize a class schedule to maximize your learning experience. This schedule can be a mix of privates, group classes, and lecture.


Albw has twice been invited to address the prestigious Voice Foundation in Phildaelphia. The Dawn of the Emotions”. Now, with Professor Emotint full support, Patricia Angelin brings the freedom and control that are the hallmarks of Alba Technique to the professional performing arts community and beyond. She is in full command and mastery of her craft.

The ensemble of her qualities, capacities, and temperament aba her as a splendid teacher, and a model for young actors. She is qualified to use, teach, and spread Alba Emoting with the ethical care and style that I have directly transmitted.

I fully trust her. Susana Bloch Creator of Alba Emoting. The actor is an athlete of emotions, says Antonin Artaud, and though actors are an extreme case, nowadays, thanks to Alba Emoting, the capacity for regulating our emotions in a simple physical way, without mental intervention, is possible for everyone. A Scientific Method for Emotional Induction offers us the means to reexamine six basic emotions that are universal: Meoting iBooks Kindle Smashwords.

Now Available in Print!


Just a few of our Success Stories! Wondering if it’s worth it? Preface written by Patricia Angelin.