For patients insured by Amerigroup, the Amerigroup prior authorization form is the document which should be used in order to receive approval for the. To get a referral or prior authorization, talk to your primary care provider (PCP). the request. If we cannot OK the request, we’ll send you a letter telling you why. Preapproval (prior authorization). Some treatment, care or services may need our approval before your provider can give them to you. This is called preapproval.

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A maximum of five doses will be allowed per member during this time period. No allowances will be made for a sixth dose. Requests may be submitted beginning October 15, for a therapy start date of November 1, Long-Acting Opioids PA form Dalfampridine Ampyra PA Form Eluxadoline Viberzi PA Form Potassium Binders PA Form Immunomodulators – Topical PA Form Testosterone Products PA Form Pavilizumab PA Form Linezolid Zyvox PA Form Apremilast Otezla PA Form Anti-Fungal PA Form Letermovir Prevymis PA Form Biologicals for Arthritis PA Form Methotrexate Injection PA Form Modified Formulations PA Form Kalydeco ivacaftor PA Form Antidepressant PA Form Dupilumab Dupixent PA Form Deflazacort Emflaza PA Form Crisaborole Eucrisa PA Form Sapropterin Kuvan PA Form Calcifediol Rayaldee PA Form Lesinurad Zurampic PA Form Eteplirsen Exondys 51 PA Form Deferasirox Exjade PA Form Mepolizumab Nucala PA Form Nicotine Replacement Therapy Ivabradine Corlanor PA Form Rifaximin Xifaxan PA Form Isotretinoin Oral PA Form Topical Corticosteroids PA Form Benzodiazepines PA Form Oral Immunotherapy PA Form Vorapaxar Zontivity PA Form Growth Hormone PA Form Tasimelteon Hetlioz PA Form Antihistamines PA Form Korlym mifepristone PA Form Ketorolac PA Form Nebivolol Bystolic PA Form Muscle Relaxants PA Form Quantity Limit Override Form Amylino Mimetic PA Form Febuxostat Uloric PA Form Vusion Ointment PA form Becaplermin Regranex PA Form Miscellaneous PA Form