Product Description. Autocom BTMA Bluetooth Module. Bluetooth Module for Wireless Connection to Phone / GPS. External Stereo Bluetooth Module. Free Next Day Courier UK Mainland Shipping. Offshore and Remote UK Mainland Postcodes will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Autocom BTM- 02A. Autocom BTMA external stereo Bluetooth module allows wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled devices. | eBay!.

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Members attending any such event do so at their own risk. The text, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, video files, and their arrangement on this Website are all subject to copyright and other intellectual property protection.

These objects may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may these objects be modified or reposted to other sites without prior written permission. Use or depiction of the BMW logo or trademark throughout this web site is for illustrative and editorial purposes only, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademark. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 16 of I’ve got the following setup: I’ve got the Autocom turned up to Max, you can’t adjust phone call volume on the Nav V tells you to adjust phone device and the volume is right up on the iPhone.

Any ideas how to make audio from phone louder? Anyone experiencing the same? I’ve followed the instructions on the Autocom website about removing the power from Aux1.

However, before you do this – you need to open the Autocom and cut a link to prevent 9v going to Aux 1 this Bluetooth module is powered separately by a 12v feed rather than being powered from the Autocom unit itself.


Am I missing something obvious? Have you tried this. Home page with the phone, volume,apps,settings icons.

Tap volume Tap the spanner symbol upper left hand corner Tap Audio Mixer Then you are presented with 3 volume sliders Navigation Phone Media Adjust the various volumes there. Yep – all set to max. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. Everyone else must be ok with volume then?

I have a similar set-up but use an old Sony Ericson phone. I was goin to check with Chainspeed this week to see if the volume can be increased with these potentiometers.

If not then I may have to consider using in-ear monitors, with these I’m sure the volume will be more than sufficient, so much so I’ll need to adjust the master volume to the headset at either the AVI or the Nav V.

Autocom Btm-02a Motorbike Stereo Bluetooth Module

I find it a bit quiet BUT Ear speakers position is huge! Call Sam at Chainspeed, he is the guru of this. I ajtocom emailing him yesterday about phone volume on a zumo. Phone bluetoothed to zumo, zumo hardwired to SPA. Was recommended to change input from aux 2 gps to Rider 1 phone.

: Autocom Bluetooth Module BtmA: Cell Phones & Accessories

Typically my satnav has just died so I can’t test it. Alternatively, hardwire the satnav for audio and bluetooth for the phone. Btm-2a still bluetooth’s to the zumo but the zumo bluetooths to the bt dongle as a headset. This works well apparently, though I’ve not tried them yet and can’t till the new zumo arrives.

Well I’ve been intouch with Chainspeed, apparently the adjusters are for the mic volume so won’t make any difference. Sam did suggest relocating the BGNS to a noisy place in the helmet but it is already pretty noisy autoom it is.

He did suggest changing to an SPA unit would help, so it’s either that or the ear monitors. Having said btm-02, I’ve just been for a ride on the bike and I think I can live with the volume as it is, so I’ll try it for a while. Also I wear made to measure earplugs, but these don’t have filters fitted, I suppose filters may help. The noise sensor is a good idea.


I’ve noticed if I cough etc that the volume will increase. Didn’t have an issue with my old TomTom What are ear monitors? Have googled and now understand in ear monitors! I’m going to speak with Chainspeed tomorrow and see what they say. It’s almost quieting the sound when I speak Sam advised me too plug the yellow lead into aux 3 and that would automatically raise the volume via the bgns.

Pro AVI nav 4 and S3 phone. Havent tried phone on the move but nav works ok volume wise. Originally Posted by Delboy Thats how I have it at the moment, but I will try it later in the week when I get out on bike. Had a chat with the fella at Chainspeed.

Nav V, Autocom Super Pro Avi with BTMA Bluetooth, iPhone5S – PHONE VOLUME too Low

He suggests that in the good old days these devices had a strong output and the Autocom coped happily with them but was of the thinking that, with the reduced output these days, wasn’t powerful enough to pick up the slack. I’ll swap them over and and use Aux3 – see if that makes a difference. Donegal April Co. Donegal March Co. All times are GMT. The time now is