V-TONE GMXH/GMX/GMX/GMX/GMX Manual de uso. Índice . Instrucciones .. nuestra página web, behringer. com y leer completamente. User manual for the device Behringer V-TONE GMX Online user manual database. Summary of Contents of owner’s manual for Behringer GMX 2 V-TONE GMXH/GMX/GMX/GMX/GMX User Manual Table of Contents .

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Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. Did you find this review helpful? Behringer has a good hold on the market because of their very inexpensive and budget friendly equipment for musicians.

They make a whole assortment of different gear for the producer all the way to the standard guitar player. They have a lot of different equipment available at very low in budget friendly prices. This is one of those amplifiers that is targeted towards the beginner guitar player for someone who just needs a manuql practice amplifier without paying too much for it. It has a lot of different workable voicings and tones in modes to choose from. It has a multiple amount of effects to choose from and everything is programmable and with just a touch of the dial you can dial in different tones for different applications.

Overall this is a pretty basic amplifier for someone is looking for a very cheap and inexpensive way to get an all-in-one amplifier. This thing is going to have a wealth of different sounds and effects in different tones for anything from country all the way up into metal tones. This is going to be a practice and primarily for someone is looking just be able to hammer away on her guitar in their home or office. It’s a simple 60 W amplifier that has to Independent channels.

You can also input your CD player or MP3 player see you can play directly into this thing. That’s not too bad of a price for a pretty versatile practice in.

And I got a emphasize that this is a practice amplifier and really not meant to go out and gig with. Certainly you can do that and I’m sure that people do but this amplifier is not geared towards the awesome tone that many tube amplifiers manuual provide. This is an “analog” modeler, behrimger Behringer doesn’t go into any great detail to describe how or what makes this analog as a pose to a digital modeling combo. This is a solid-state amplifier.

It is a stereo combo that runs at 2×60 watts and features three unique amp choices, at three different gain settings, with three options for speaker response. These can all be selected or doubled for that matter gmmx212 two selectable channels. There is also a bit effects processor.

Behringer GMX212 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

The amplifier comes with a footswitch that changes between the two channels. Because the amp modeling is not digital, all tones are selectable through good ol’ fashion knobs and are not stored digitally. So, if you set the gain at 6, and in moving the amp, the knob gets moved, it will stay moved until you put it back.

There are additional speaker outs and slave outs as well, as well as a connection for a Behringer floorboard. I don’t think I ever had to crack open the manual.

Behringer GMX212 User Manual

But, there is one major flaw to this amp: Perhaps this is the “analog circuitry” taking its time, but whatever behrinnger reason it renders the amplifier unusable for switching between channels in the middle of the song.

  18SOUND 6ND430 PDF

I’m pretty good with timing, but I could never get it down for punching in additional gain from the other channel for guitar solos.

That being said, if someone didn’t do a lot of channel changing, I guess this would be a decent amplifier, or it would have to be used and miked only in a studio environment where quick switching isn’t necessary. I had one problem with the input connection falling apart, probably due to its cheap manufacture.

For a high school kid, it might be a good first amp for playing with friends, considering the low cost. But, as mentioned about, the delay in switching channels really hinders the users ability to play with this amp. I bought it mainly because my old amp took a dump on me and I needed something for the next show.

I like almost everything, i love the built in effects adn the distortion. The distortion, I think, was better than my Boss DS This thing is extremely loud, I haven’t needed to put it past 5 yet! The 2 Jensen speakers kick too. Not really a whole lot to dislike, except 2 things, it weighs a ton not that big of a dealadn that it loses about half volume when played clean.

Awesome quality, I’ve dropped mine twice and absolutely nothing happened. This is an awesome amp for any style, any skill level, any situation. Awesome tone and sound. This review was originally published on http: Decided to buy new after losing out on several E-Bay auctions and reading other reviews on this site What’s not to like. Crank up the drive and the level and stand back.

Built in tuner is quite handy footswitch only turns the effects on or off,be nice if you could scroll through them. I bought this one online at Same Day Music. Well I was looking at the new Spider amps from Line 6 but since they are harder than hens teeth to find and I needed an amp I took a chance with Behringer.

I have a good friend that owns a Behringer bass amp and that amp was very sound for the money. Tweed, for the Fender fans and it sounds good too. Take into consideration that this amp also has three Cabinet settings too, Flat, UK and US which helps to change the tone just that much more! It has Two channels that can be set to your needs and comes with a two switch foot controller that can which between channel and turn on or off the cool 24 bit effects.

Now the effects range from reverb, chorus, flang, phase, rotary, echo, delay and a bunch more. This baby can push 50 watts through two 12 inch Jenson speakers that can take up to 70 watts of power.

Now on the back panel of this amp is enough to blow you away for a dollar amp! And the best part is the sounds, bottom line it can make the tone you are looking for.

The particleboard used to build the amp is a down side. I would love to see this baby with a way for more control with the standard foot controller. But for the money. It’s built solid however the plastic knobs I’ll be gentle with and I already stated the particleboard type of encasement. Got to say I like what I see or rather hear so far.

Amp modeling, 2x60W, shielded connectors tare, 99 effect presets, etc.

Behringer Stereo Amplifier GMX User Guide |

SOUNDS Well, I confess l, c is my first behriger well, at the beginning had a small j kustom 15w and I have not had much opportunity to test a part of the house ValveKing a peavey and as a “young “guitarist, all I was manuxl for c sound stupid, well, frankly, I m tired And then it allowed me to change a lot of opinions on behringer. I would do the selection with closed eyes, I want to buy even more!


As mentioned by my bwhringer, it is indeed a modeling amp with all the connectivity imaginable, footswitch, midi, effects loop, dual stereo output, a slave in pre amp, etc Indeed, too much effect kills the effect, one could behinger a good third in the bucket, because of futility In rhythm, I’m in the “dry”, ie zero effect, and there, hello waffles!

There’s no third channel “lead” and it is a shame, but I found the parade, I reserve the presets 90 or manuual compressor for my solos, it can move slightly above the group The small delay in the ignition switch bmx212 a little annoying at first, but after you adapt and it manages as Richard But I give a third layer for the missing channel, because with that, we come close to perfection The manual is quite clear to behrlnger who understands quickly, and there is a defect in recurrent Behringer, textbooks are designed to be read by the person who wrote But hey, it always comes out SOUNDS The behringer is perfectly suited to all styles, as hard as I exit the practice at high doses with my group, we have some softer compound, and there, he knows perfectly to slip into the shoes of an acoustic session Incidentally, the car’s multi wha effect is worthy of a gift Bonux, meaning to shit against Be careful, because saturated channel, the hardest is to play between the presence and treble, if not, beware of feedback, especially if you like the riot of decibels!

Serious chest and give a round that I love, and the media provide good sustain, all there!

If I have to replace it one day, it will be by his cousin’s head v-AMPYRA which has exactly the same characteristics, speaker cabinets and 10 kgs in less I tried the comparison with a laney head TT50H home, it’s still something!

But nothing to do, I keep my behringer.

My guitar playing on a jcm with a gas plant around, frankly, my behringer is more than up There’s probably better I do not dispute, but he justifies such a price difference? I remember 25 years ago, a guitar brand suffered from a bad reputation because of political “cheap” I think we’ll talk about the gmx in a few years Modlisations transistor amp, amp simus lamps Huge sound and Stro USE Very simple configuration, immediately take its brands I play with a Cort X-6 yeah, I’m real poor gear The output level is very low in terms of clean sounds or even very clear, guitar sim sche limit mankal is my opinion the main default of the beast I love being able paramtrer two identical channels independently this amp is the only one to behringe conaissance which allows to have, for example, two cleans DIFFERENT sounds, distortion or two diffrentes, between which leisure can switch The preamp section consists of two channels switchable analog modeling front or the footswitch provided.

Otherwise, it features a 24bit multi-effects. It selects the channel 2 identical on which selected the type of modeling using a small switch like the Sansamp: Tweed typical Fender Tweed 2. British Marshall no doubt 3.