Biomagnetic Psychoemotional Pair for Emotional Treatment is an effective technique to release negative emotions and stress that can provoke. To begin the scanning of the patient, the person must lay over a table, non metallic, on his/her back with the feet hanging at the end of the table. Biomagnetic therapy, also called biomagnetic pair or terrain restoration therapy, is a natural and safe therapy that re-establishes normal cellular milieu through.

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Isaac Goiz Duran, over 26 years ago. In this way enabling the treatment of various infectious, chronic degenerative diseases, metabolic, dysfunctional, autoimmune, psycho-emotional, tumor and intoxications; decreasing the clinical symptoms, ibomagnetic the different functions in the organism and restoring the health of people; obtaining clinical improvement in a large number of cases, avoiding adverse effects of conventional treatments, drug overdose or poisoning anaphylaxis, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing the risks of infection, bleeding or surgical complications.

The Biomagnetic Pair is a simple technique that anyone can learn and is recommended paig do it whenever you get the knowledge and first-hand information for the benefit of the health of the population. It consists in magnets placing of medium intensity in different areas of the body to treat diseases; this through a kinesiology test that consists of intentionally cause a functional shortening of the right lower limb after the magnet positioned in a specific area of the body that is in imbalance.

FAQ about biomagnetic pair

Currently unknown accurately the mechanism of action of the magnets, but is known to provide different benefits; bioelectricity normalize the body, balance the pH of the cells and their environment, facilitate the recognition of pathogens by the immune system, detoxification allow the different organs, thus improving the various functions throughout the body. Does the Biomagnetic Pair has side effects? People after a screening with PB could contain small healing crisis they are self-limiting and are presented in 24 to 48 hours after application of magnets in 1 in every 10 cases; They are mostly mild withdrawal symptoms, polyuria increased amount of urinationfever increased body temperature less than If you have these or other symptoms you need to contact your therapist for a second screen within 24 or 48 hours after the last screening to reduce the symptoms or make a referral if warranted as well.

How are the magnets with which you work? They are permanent artificial neodymium or ferrite magnets used in all kinds of machines, engines, factories, etc. Its dimensions are 5 x 2.

They weigh approximately — g, more than Gauss magnetic field and of 4 to 5 kg spreading force including unlined. They are magnets commonly found in automobiles, engines refrigerators, household appliances and utensils we use in daily life.

They pose no health damage if kept in direct contact with the person for long periods, but for therapeutic purposes it is necessary to use in specific points on the body for at least 10 minutes to perform a second scan. Biomagnetism is the science of magnetic fields generated in living organisms, which helps us to understand the phenomena of PB.

So too, is the name by which we refer to the technique of biomagnetic Pair where we used the magnet every time to realize tracking and correction of Biomagnetic Pairs.

Bioenergetics is the study of energy transformations taking place in the cell as well as the nature and role of chemical processes in which these transformations are based. We can also say that it is the name by which we mean the technique Biomagnetic Pair where the mind is used for tracking specific points on the body that are altered, mentioning his name during the tracking phase; certification and subsequently the PB correction is made with the magnet. How long do I have the magnets placed on the body?


The magnets are placed once in each session around minutes depending on the geographical area in which the person making the trace is found. If it is near pari equator it takes about 8 minutes to take effect the action of the magnets and close to the geographic poles of the earth about 20 minutes. What requirements must a person have before biomagnwtic PB tracking?

The person who will perform the tracking with the technique of PB should wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes or adjusted, avoid as far as possible out flats, crocs, sandals or heels that can easily get out.

Do not carry as far as possible earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, piercings, or ferromagnetic materials that can be attracted by the magnetic field of the magnet. Once it is to begin tracking the person should be removed from his body all kinds of electronic devices such as cell phones, music players, credit cards, etc. This biomagneic not interfere with the tracking and to avoid damage to these devices. The person should be well hydrated and without caffeine or energy drinks consumed at least two hours before the screening.

No, just avoid pxir or thick clothing bio,agnetic avoid interfering with the ibomagnetic to the acting magnetic field of the magnet. Wear comfortable clothes preferably cotton, but at no time is necessary for psir person remaining in underwear.

It is not necessary if you did a biomagnetix time tracking and positioning of the magnets was adequate. The magnet acts only a short time, but the nervous and immune system of the person continues to work after the screening to balance and detoxify the body.

How many times do I biomagnftic come to fulfill myself a trace of PB? It is recommended that at least two scans are performed with a gap of eight days between each. Some people with chronic — degenerative, autoimmune, tumor or an advanced state of deterioration and convalescence might biomagnettic more sessions, about 5 or 6 before seeing improvement.

And if the person can not come in 8 days, it is recommended to return as soon as possible, even during the same day once they have gone from 8 to 12 hours.

What recommendations I need after finished tracking PB? It is also recommended that the person complements the screening to see your doctor, psychologist, dentist, ophthalmologist and nutritionist at least every six months, exercise, preferably walking minutes a day, eat healthy, avoid eating snuff, Alcohol and toxicological substances, control the physical, mental and emotional stress to strengthen the immune system and thus increase the chances of clinical improvement after the screening.

The illnesses are not cured, patients are those that improve symptomatically tracing back if the conditions are right for it so; Exercise, diet, low stress, no advanced stage of the disease, no prior iatrogenic, etc. The healing of a sick not only involves applying magnets, but also a continuous process of good care, health and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

FAQ about biomagnetic pair | Goiz Biomagnetism

It is important to emphasize the fact that the technique of PB is not a diagnostic method scientifically supported, so legally, ethically and professionally is not possible to issue any kind of diagnosis. Nor give false promises of results can not be secure in the future. If you want if it is advisable to suggest an appropriate waiting time to allow the agency to carry out its recovery, at least one to three months, depending on the condition of the person, and whenever under the supervision of a bipmagnetic certified.

It is suggested to avoid high amounts in fat and carbohydrates, foods with preservatives, canned goods, dairy and allergens egg, shrimp, chocolate, biommagnetic, gluten, peanuts, soybeans, etc. Yes, you can niomagnetic to anyone regardless of age, sex or any existing disability.

Is there a special posture required for crawling PB? The person will remain in supine position face up for min so recommended for people with back problems will perfom the tracking sitting. Paor often is advisable to perform a scan with PB? Biomagndtic six months, regardless of whether the person is in good health. The best medicine is prevention.

  ASTM F1677 PDF

Also in case of having any chronic degenerative disease suggested a crawl every months. Have I gone several times to fulfill myself a trace with PB and I have not noticed improvement what can I do?

It is recommended to attend 3 times to a crawl PB, and if there has been no improvement in preference to find a therapist with more experience and supplement tracking redomendaciones following the strengthening of the immune system. Are there any contraindications for conducted a Pb trace?

The technique of PB has no adverse effects, is integrative, ie, that does not interfere with any treatment at that time, prior or future, can be fitted very well to conventional or allopathic medicine, homeopathy, physiotherapy, oriental medicine, acupuncture, etc.

His only contraindications are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, the use of pacemakers or intracorporeal devices that use batteries and during pregnancy; it legal to protect the activity of the therapist purposes, but has not been seen or documented any damage to these people. What percentage of effectiveness is the technique of PB? The results of the technique of PB are good in a lot of cases, but depend on the degree of progression of a disease, and other factors, which in some cases better than in other work.

We begin by describing the three states through which attends any disease. De acuerdo a la Historia Natural de la Enfermedad, todas las enfermedades cursan por tres etapas que son las siguientes:. In which diseases can be use the technique of PB?

It can be used in almost all diseases, both genetic and environmental, mainly infectious, chronic degenerative, metabolic, dysfunctional, autoimmune, psycho-emotional, tumor diseases and poisoning; PB technique works by decreasing the clinical symptoms, restoring the various functions in the body and restoring the health of people; obtaining clinical improvement in a number of cases, avoiding adverse effects of conventional treatments, drug overdose or poisoning anaphylaxis, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing the risks of infection, bleeding or surgical complications and hospitalization times, convalescence and rehabilitation.

How do I can schedule an appointment to PB? Where there are the authorized centers? Where can I request information about Biomagnetism? To ask reports Biomagnetismo or Biomagnetic Pair you can visit our websites and www.

Also, you can send an email to info goizbiomagnetism. Where Biomagnetism courses are taught? What universities are offered courses of Biomagnetism?

For more information gemagoiz telmexmail. For more information the phones: For more information on the phones andemail secretariaphilippus rcumariacristina. Course Morelia, Michoacan 11 to July 17,taught by Dr. For more information jrreynagavaldes gmail. For further information phones: For further information on the phones andemail secretariaphilippus rcumariacristina. For more informesplantasmedicinaleschapingo yahoo.

For further information info goizbiomagnetism. Course Mexico City from 14 to December 16,taught by Dr. Course Mexico City from 17 to December 21,taught by Dr. Please check terms and conditions at each course pxir vary the specifications, standards and regulations.

To have taken a technical or professional career, preferably related to the area of Health Sciences.

A pair of magnets, a book of biomagnetic Pair and a diploma certified by the Research Center for Medical Biomagnetism to the first level. Diploma certified by the Research Center for Medical Biomagnetism to the second level. Please check terms and conditions, at each course can vary the specifications, standards and regulations. How does the Biomagnetic Pair work? What is Tele Bioenergetics? Can you check on infants, toddlers?

De acuerdo a la Historia Natural de la Enfermedad, todas las enfermedades cursan por tres etapas que son las siguientes: Mario Salinas Soto Insurgentes Col.

How can I find a certified therapist? What is the cost of the courses?