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OJ C E Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou. Citizen exemption laws and Cypriot banks. Reform of the common fisheries policy: Reform of the common fisheries policy and outermost regions. Public database to disseminate publicly financed research findings. Publication of the findings of publicly financed research. Scope of the EU’s animal welfare strategy and future legislative framework for animal welfare. European Institute for Gender Equality.

Turkish Government draft report on protection for women against violence. EU institutions’ administrative budgets in Egyptian film star sentenced for insulting Islam. Stassen to the Commission. Lack of infrastructure and funds sifilia trains and motorways in Southern Italy.

Refusal to approve genetically modified Bt maize. Unemployment and small and medium-sized enterprises. Follow-up on possible restrictions on competition in the retail food sector. Review of veterinary checks on insects to be used in scientific research, specifically the fruit fly. European Globalisation Adjustment Calencario for Lear. Habitats of Community interest not recognised or protected in Galicia.

Conditions for the granting of the second loan calwndario Greece. Abuses in the transporting of animals to Turkey. Eastern Europeans increasingly turn to crime. Greece is building a fence sicili its border with Turkey. Proposals for reducing youth unemployment. Creation of a European innovation standard. Top 10 countries persecuting Christians. The case of Redi Ht in Barbarano, Vicenza. Hunting sicila birds during the courtship and migration season: Combating violence in football stadiums.

Funding for healthcare infrastructures. Restructuring of Greek debt held by the ECB. Financial fund that bets on the death of people with life insurance.

Community funding allocated to Germany. Possible funds for the Premio Napoli Naples Prize.

Direct funding programmes for the city of Barletta. Million-euro fraud at the expense of the sick. Data on the market in counterfeit goods in Europe. Project bonds for funding trans-European transport and energy networks. Project bonds — the European power supply network. Release of genetically modified mosquitoes by British biotech company. Oil exploration off the Canary Islands coast.

The new Spanish government’s water policy.

Priorities venatrio the Danish Presidency on questions of gender equality in business circles. Impact of Calendariio accession on employment. Cost of pre-accession arrangements for Serbia. Inequality in European Union income trends. Portuguese emigrants murdered in Venezuela. Potential water hyacinth threat to the Alqueva irrigation system. Tsoukalas to the Commission. EU strategy to combat invasive animal diseases. Catastrophic conditions in Italian animal shelters canili.


Recognition of the profession of net maker at European level with an approval seal. Reduction in the supply of Russian gas and security of supply.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Impact of extreme weather conditions on farmers. Ticket prices charged by ferry companies. Belarus is currently the only country in Europe where the death penalty is regularly enforced. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus sentenced Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou to death for terrorist attacks between andalthough it would appear that the court disregarded important evidence regarding the accused. What steps are being taken to appeal for clemency from President Lukashenka?

The EU will spare no effort in working towards the introduction by Belarus of a moratorium on capital punishment as a step towards its abolition. The conclusions go on to state that the European Union stands ready to back the peace processes with ethnic groups through, for example, financial assistance for the process of reintegrating returnees.

Can the Commission say what humanitarian aid and assistance is being provided, if any, to ethnic groups such as the Karen currently within Burma? Support for Burmese refugees is welcome. Is the Commission aware that rations for refugees have recently been reduced? Aid has helped vulnerable populations affected by the low-intensity conflict in the border areas, including in Eastern parts of the country, where there is a high proportion of ethnic minorities.

The Commission is also funding an orthopaedic centre in Kayin State, treating victims of anti-personnel mines, while encouraging partners to expand activities as far as possible in order to reach the civilians in the border areas. The Commission also supports the Burmese refugee camps in Thailand. The EU is the largest donor to the camps.

This assistance consists of food aid, primary ssicilia, protection and livelihood support. This includes vocational training and livelihood support. Regarding reduced food rations, with limited funds available, there is an urgent need to improve the targeting of the food aid in the camps, since the camps, although hosting a number of genuine refugees, also have become pull factors for many economic migrants, in the absence of proper screening and admission mechanisms.

The Veenatorio also noted that essential steps have been taken towards establishing a democratic state under the rule of law.

Is the High Representative venatrio that these steps are being fully venatorko in accordance with international standards? Whilst censorship has been slightly relaxed, there are limits on what the media can report. Is the High Representative concerned, however, that smaller political parties could be marginalised?

Changes in Myanmar Burmaunimaginable a year ago, are venattorio. The majority of political prisoners are now free; the remaining cases need further clarification. There is also progress on the ethnic front, with a number of ceasefire agreements signed so far. The exception is recurring violence in Kachin State. Important steps are being undertaken by the Government of President U Thein Sein with regard to improving governance and the respect for the rule of law.


A new Human Rights Commission is addressing important issues, despite its limited capacities. Parliamentary life is remarkably vivid, given the short experience with open debate. Media censorship has been eased, and Internet access is much better than ever before.

Undoubtedly, the Myanmar Burma Government still has to take any steps in order to ensure the consolidation of this transition process. The EU is following developments very closely and has to accompany them with measures that will consolidate the gains and encourage further progress. Such a rule offers an inducement by the Cypriot state for banks there to hold sizeable deposits. Can the Commission confirm whether this law encouraging banks to hold large deposits is open to all EU banks operating in Cyprus?

The conditions for the acquisition of the nationality of a Member State fall exclusively within the competence of the individual Member State. Hence, the EMFF contributes to the implementation of the CFP as part of its objective to promote sustainable and competitive fisheries and aquaculture, and the balanced and inclusive territorial development of calendrio areas.

It will also now finance the development and implementation of the IMP, in addition to the cohesion policy and the CFP, specifically by developing strategic cross-cutting instruments like maritime spatial planning, integrated maritime surveillance, and knowledge of the marine environment. What is the Venatorrio undertaking in the context of cross-cutting strategies to ensure the continued development of actions that have hitherto come under the IMP?

How will the interconnections siculia the various strands of the reformed EMFF be made, given that it will be called upon to finance a huge range of issues, including those that now fall within the scope of the IMP? The bulk of IMP funding will come from mainstreaming its objectives into other financial instruments, especially the European Regional Development Fund, and Horizon The integration of pre-existing financial instruments into a single fund will also enhance budgetary efficiency and reduce administrative burden.

Through its funding for the sustainable development of fisheries areas, the EMFF will increase the necessary interactions between the IMP and the common fisheries policy.

Il Molise spara pure sulla legge – Il richiamo della Foresta – Blog –

It will support inter alia calendaruo to promote economic diversification from fisheries, in particular towards the wider maritime economy. Redirecting economic activities in fisheries areas will benefit emerging maritime activities.

Nos termos do artigo Possui a vantagem de ser clara e simples e de poder ser aplicada uniformemente por todos os Estados-Membros.