Carte tehnica(maintenance). Transcript. 79>?6, -+:3>96?6. -+:3>96?6 / -+:3>96?6 0 -+:3>96?6 1 /7 7/-+ +6 79>93/ 7+8?+6¤. View and Download Daewoo MATIZ service manual online. MATIZ Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: My Daewoo Matiz este o mașină din clasa mini produsă de constructorul sud- coreean de automobile Daewoo din anul A înlocuit Daewoo Tico, care era o.

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Connect the lower radiator hose and refill the coolant.

Pressurize the cap to 90 to kPa 13 to 17psi. System OK Replace the fuel pump relay. Verify that the lines are not reported to the diagnostic executive or displayed on not restricted. Desciption Standard Limit Brushes wear Install the fifth gear fork and the synchronizer hub assembly to the input shaft. System OK Replace the fuel filter. Remove the gear shift control lever assembly. If the checked torque exceeds the specification, tight- wheel bearing.

D Tighten the nut. Does the voltage fluctuate within the values specified? Sistemul electric de aprindere. Is a problem found? D Install the oil level plug including steel gasket.

D Loosening or damage of the D Replace the distributor rotor distributor rotor or the cap. Tighten Tighten the caulking nut to NSm lb-ft. Each coil spring is retained between a seat in the under- arms and a lateral rod, two coil springs, two shock ab- body and a seat welded to the top of the rear axle.


If you know the license plate number of the car, please specify it here.

D Check the hose for hardening, crack, tear, or coming off. Tighten Tighten the strut nut to 50—60 NSm 36—44 lb-ft.

D Disconnect the idle air control valve connector 3. Install the gear shift control lever assembly.

D Tighten the engine fixture joint with a bolt after re- moving exhaust manifold bolt No. The find carfe shut down. D Remove the generator adjusting bolt 1. Though each channel of the 4-channel system can operate inde- pendently, once fehnica front channel brake sees excessive deceleration, both front isolation valves are energized and close thus, with the isolation valves closed, further unnecessary increases in the brake pressure will be prohibited.

D Adjust the belt tension or Replace the belt. D Remove the engine mounting lower bracket 3. With a test light connected to ground, probe the ignition feed terminal 1 of the injector harness — connector for each cylinder that had misfire.

Daewoo Matiz Carte COMPLETA intretinere

DD D Remove the cotter pin 5. Install the front damping bush to the vehicle. D Insert the new hub bolts using a hammer. Inspect the camshaft for excessive wear.


Remove the jack stand and lower the vehicle. Inspect the installation of coil spring 1, 2. Does the test light blink for all of the fuel injectors? D Lower the support jack and remove the crossmem- ber from the vehicle. Remove the engine wiring harness bending strap. This information will be stored in the Freeze Frame and Failure Records buffers.

Go to Step 9 Go to Step 10 Replace the contaminated fuel. Mount the knuckle onto the control arm ball joint. D Replace the pads in axle sets only.

Daewoo Matiz Manual, 52hp,

D Install the jack on the center of the fuel tank. Autentificare Am uitat parola. Connect the brake pedal rod to the power booster. D Electric leakage or poor D Connect the cable correctly connection of the high or replace it.

Check the brake system for leaks. D Remove the tripot joint 2. Suck the vacuum hose maatiz power booster. If overpressed, the gear teeth may be damaged.