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CradlePoint MBR Quickstart Guide. CradlePoint IBR Datasheet. CradlePoint IBR Quickstart Guide. View and Download Cradlepoint MBR user manual online. ARC Series Router. MBR Wireless Router pdf manual download. View and Download Cradlepoint MBR product manual online. mission- critical broadband router. MBR Network Router pdf manual download.

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All other company or product ,br1400 mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. This publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior expressed written consent by CradlePoint, Inc.

Sierra Wireless crradlepoint Antennas: The signal strength is shown for 10 seconds if the modem does not support concurrent data connection and signal strength measurement. The default settings are shown. SSID service set identifier; the unique name of the local network. If you would like to change your network name or password or configure any of the advanced features of the MBR, you will need to log in to the administration pages: If so, you will need to reconnect to the MBR network.

Please visit CradlePoint Knowledgebase at http: Then log in to the router administration pages and manually upload the firmware. If the data modem LEDs are not illuminated, your modem is not connected and online.

You may need to update firmware.

The interface is organized with a button for toggling between Basic Mode and Advanced Mode and 5 tabs at the top of the screen: The Administrator Login page will appear. Log in using your administrator password. If you have forgotten your personalized password, you can reset the MBR to factory defaults. When you reset the router, the administrator password will revert back to the Default Password. Press and hold the reset button on the router unit until the lights flash Approximately seconds.

The First Time Setup Wizard will help you customize the name of your wireless network, change passwords to something you choose, and establish an optimal WiFi security mode. The router cannot use Select this option if you do not want to activate any security features.

Try this option first and switch only if you have a device that is incompatible with WPA2.

The WPA Password must be between cfadlepoint and 64 characters long. A combination of upper and lower case letters along with numbers and special characters is recommended to prevent hackers from gaining access to your network.

Cradlepoint MBR1400 Product Manual

Realm for your carrier. Select your carrier from the dropdown menu options shown below. Please record these settings for future access. You may need this information to configure other wireless devices.

If you are currently using the MBR WiFi network, mbe1400 your devices to the network using the new wireless network name and security password.

MBR v2 Default Password & Login, Manuals and Reset Instructions | RouterReset

The black bar across the top provides quick access to important information and controls. Click on the tabs along the top bar to reveal the following dropdown menus. Getting Started Status Network Settings It provides access to 8 submenu options: For each device using a wireless connection to your MBR, the following information is displayed: A relative measure of wireless signal quality decibels relative to one milliwatt.


This expresses theoretical best quality. The value is given as a cradllepoint exponent: After the initial setup of the router, every time you log in you will automatically be directed manuual this Dashboard. Also, you can click on the CradlePoint logo in the upper left-hand corner to return to the Dashboard from any page. Gives the number of the current firmware version. Year-month-day-hours-minutes-seconds for the most recent cradlepoinnt upgrade.

The number mbr11400 current clients. For each network, the following information is displayed: Select one of these devices to see detailed information about that particular device. For each type of device, different information will be included in the Device Information section.

View the signal strength and other wireless modem information. A measure of amount of information that is currently being sent or received through the network. Sample rate and size can be adjusted from the dropdown boxes.

An easy way mqnual view current connective states of the devices plugged into the router as compared to the past. If there is not enough internal memory for all events, logs of older events are deleted, but logs of the latest events are retained. The log options allow you to filter the router logs so you can easily find relevant messages. Create a list of websites that will be either disallowed facebook.

In this section you can cradleppint a list of assigned IP addresses and reserve IP addresses for particular devices. A DNS server acts as an Internet phone book, translating between names that make sense to people and the more complex numerical identifiers. This will allow the router even more control over IP crdlepoint even when clients have their own DNS servers statically set. Enter the user name or key provided by the Dynamic DNS service provider.

Unless you configure the router to the contrary, the craldepoint does not respond to unsolicited incoming requests on any port, thereby making your LAN invisible to cyber attackers. The port number s that corresponds to the service Web server, FTP, etc on a local computer or device.

IP Source and IP Destination options can be used to differentiate between the directions that packets go. You could permit packets to come from particular Kbr1400 addresses but then not allow packets to return to those addresses.

Cradlepoint MBR1400 User Manual

Typical uses involve running a public Web server or sharing files. Click to allow MAC Filter options. Static routes are unnecessary for most users.

They are typically only used in networks with more than one layer, such as when there is a network within a network so that packet destinations are hidden behind an additional router. Note that changes made in this section may also need to be duplicated on wireless devices that you want to connect to your wireless network. This primarily helps to identify this network during other administration tasks.


This is the simplest and most common choice for users, because NAT does the translation work for you. Tune the access control settings of this network to match the intended use. Simply select or deselect any of the following: When checked, this network will NOT be allowed to communicate with other local networks. A computer designated as a Web server has a static IP address of There are close to possible DHCP options available.

One of the more common uses is to assign a VoIP phone server using option 66 Server name. Set up a schedule for this network interface.


This allows an interface to be enabled or disabled during specific hours of a day. For example, use this to limit a Hotspot network to business hours. One primary WiFi network is enabled by default, while you may have enabled a second guest network when using the First Time Setup Wizard. When users browse for available wireless networks, this is the name that they will.

This name is referred to as the SSID service set identifier. For security purposes, CradlePoint highly manuzl that you change this from the pre-configured name.

If you select one of the security cradleppoint and are unable to connect to the router afterwards, you can use crdlepoint reset cradleplint to reset the router to its factory default state and try a different security mode instead. Internet for the MBR Default setting is Auto. The Auto setting is preferred in most cases. Any computers physically connected to ports in a group will be allowed to freely communicate with each other.

For example, if you leave all four orange ports set Select the range of frequencies the router will use. The MBR can operate in either the 2. The included WiFi antennas are 2. Shows if Random Channel is deselected.

The WiFi channel corresponds to a frequency the router uses to communicate with other devices. If a WiMAX modem is attached, a higher number channel will increase the chance the cradleooint WiFi and modem’s WiMAX radios will conflict with each other, which may result in lower throughput.

In some circumstances, however, there might be a need to isolate specific frequencies to a smaller area. Select the WiFi clients the router will be compatible with. Greater compatibility is a tradeoff with better performance.

For greatest compatibility with all WiFi devices, select ” For best performance, connect with only other In other words, Traffic Mahual improves performance by allowing the user to prioritize applications. You can restrict the bandwidth of your guest network in order to reserve crucial bandwidth for your primary network.