call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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The default is to have no message identifier specified. The groupingClass parameter specifies what type of grouping of notifications should take place. Return the index of the next element in the collection following the specified index. Care should be taken when referencing this attribute. It is returned by the Connection. Removed deprecated variable attributes maxlength and allocelems.

If no elements exist in the collection, this creates an element at index 0; otherwise, it creates an element immediately following the highest index available in the collection. The number of rows actually fetched is returned.

This constant is used to specify that messages should be sent when data is inserted, or that the message identifies a row that has been inserted.

Dropped deprecated attribute numbersAsString dockmentation cursor objects.

This attribute specifies cx_ooracle number of seconds to delay an enqueued message. If you plan to use callfunc then be aware that the first parameter in the list refers to the return value of the function. They become candidates for termination cx_orwcle when they are released back to the pool and have existed for longer than maxLifetimeSession seconds.

Added support for closing a session pool via the function SessionPool. Thanks to Andreas Mock for providing the initial patch and working with me to resolve this issue. Execute the previously prepared and bound statement the given number of times. The name parameter is used to identify the subscription and is specific to the selected namespace.


Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

Either control references to these related objects carefully or explicitly close connections in order to ensure sufficient resources are available. If specified the statement will be returned to the statement cache with the given tag. Exception raised when the database encounters an internal error. This attribute specifies the position of the message that is retrieved. A value of 0 means that no timeout will take place.

Note that in order to make use of multiple threads in a program which intends to connect and disconnect in different threads, the threaded parameter to connect or SessionPool must be true. Any keyword parameters will be included after the positional parameters.

This constant is a possible value for the expiration attribute of the message properties object passed as the documentatiom parameter to the Connection.

Added documentation on exception handling as requested by Andreas Mock, who also graciously provided an initial patch. Read the Docs v: Added support for universal rowids. This read-only attribute returns the name of the user which established the connection to the database. Read the Docs v: This read-only attribute provides the string object cs_oracle was previously prepared with prepare or executed with execute. A smaller number indicates a higher priority.

These values are also used by the MessageTable.

Advanced Queuing — cx_Oracle documentation

Thanks to Mihai Ibanescu for providing a patch. Added additional test cases. The connection will be unusable from this point forward; an Error exception will be raised if any operation is attempted with the connection.

Add support for externally identified users; to use this feature leave the username and password fields empty when connecting.

Remove date checking from the native case since Python already checks that dates are documentaation enhance error message when invalid dates are encountered so that additional processing can be done.

If the queue is not set up for multiple consumers this attribute should not be set. Fixed a few documentation issues. Added workaround for Oracle bug which returns an invalid handle when the prepare call fails.


The missing value is set to its default value if one of the values is set and the other is not issue It is only relevant if both the client and the database are at least Oracle Database They are possible values for the mode parameter of the Connection. This read-only attribute returns the IANA character set name of the character set in use by the Oracle client for regular strings.

They are possible values for the visibility attribute of the dequeue options object. Floats are only returned when it is known that the number is a floating point number or the integer conversion fails.

Object Type Objects — cx_Oracle documentation

Attempts to release statements or free LOBs after the connection has been closed by, for example, killing the session are now prevented. Parameters not acecpted by that method are ignored.

For maximum efficiency when reusing an statement, it is best to use the setinputsizes method to specify the parameter types and sizes ahead of time; in particular, None is assumed to be a string of length 1 so any values that are later bound as numbers or dates will raise a TypeError exception. Correct creation of pool using external authentication. The connection used to unsubscribe should be the same one used to create the subscription, or should access the same database and be connected as the same user name.

Added support for scrollable cursors. Added support for edition based redefinition. Modified error checking routine to distinguish between an Oracle error and invalid handles. Thanks to Andre Reitz for pointing this out.