If you’re talking about Negreanu’s Power Holdem Book, then I’m a fan. Power Hold’em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu (Paperback – Jun And second, to teach you how to achieve extraordinary success at poker by doing exactly that. DANIEL NEGREANU’S POWER HOLD’EM STRATEGY. There aren’t many professional poker players who have received as much notice and acclaim in recent years as Daniel Negreanu. His four.

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Daniel Negreanu’s Power Hold’em Strategy

Up your game with free cardschat membership. This is a discussion on who read daniel negreanu’s book? March 20th,5: Originally Posted by turtlerox. March 20th,6: I have read them, and I like his books, but I think there are better poker books out there March 20th,8: I read Power Hold ‘Em Strategy.

It’s a big book, most of it powed by other players. There is a section on beginner tournament strategy, another on limit, another on Omaha, etc.

The sectioin on deceptive play by David Williams is just a bunch of examples, nothing really useful. The last section in the book is Negreanu’s section on his Small Ball System. I suggest reading it, because every time you see somebody betting 2. I’d suggest trying to get it from the library rather than buying it though. It’s not the kind of book, like Brunson’s or Sklansky’s, that you will want to read over and over and study.

March 20th, Originally Posted by gyk Yes i liked it a lot his style of play is very uncanny, but the supersystem is very effective you should take a look at that. Originally Posted by GDRileyx. I read 2 of his books, including the most recent. I thought it was ok, and I am a huge fan of daniel, so “ok” kind of dissapointed me. Daniel’s section is awesome and his strategy is effective if you use it exactly. A new player recently won the million on poker stars using his small ball strategy from pokervt Now the other sections like todd brunsons is, tbh, horrible.


Poker Book Review: Daniel Negreanu’s ‘Power Hold’em Strategy’

His section covers high stakes cash games, and is like a begginers guide with the same cliche stuff. Eric Lindgrens section is ok, talking about online pokerbut nothing really technical, just cliche poeer again multi tabling,reads, ect. The begginers section the first chapter is awesome for noobs, but once again i was looking for advanced strat not that. So basically the only good part is daniel’s, and I think he waisted his time letting others write in it. Should have just been HIS book.

IMO buy it and use his strat exactly if you are a serious mtt player. Cash game players, this is not what you want. March 22nd, I really liked his chapter on smallball poker, and it’s interesting to compare it to Super System or Harrington’s books. As for Daniel’s first and third books, the poker for dummies rip-off books, avoid.

They would only be useful for someone who has Never played danlel, and there are even better books that suit that demographic, namely Johnny Chan’s book. March 23rd,9: I found three books of Daniel Negreanu in Amazon,they are: March 23rd,1: March 23rd,6: March 24th,5: Eh, I wasn’t really too impressed with it. There are better books out there for whatever your niche is. If you play cash games: Harrington on Hold’em is my suggestion Other games: I don’t have much info on their applicability, but Supersystem and SS2 cover a variety of games, written by well known pros, so I’d guess they hokdem of what they speak.

March 27th,3: I was looking for and if you find a market in Romania have ngreanu buy immediately March 27th,4: I agree with King above Daniels section is great and the rest of the netreanu I’m curious about the Harrington tournament books. I was listening to a Poker radio show recently and they mentioned how Harrington, after writing his books, daniell really follow along on his strategies. And they were also talking about, what has he won lately?


I think to combat todays super aggressive freaks out there, the basics are great, but learning different strategies is definately worth while, so anything Daniel writes, I will read. Daniel Negreanu is a romanian player I would like to read his books March 27th,5: I am reading Power Hold ‘Em right now. It’s been pretty good so far, bout half way through it. I’ve picked up some good tips a long the way. I like the structure of the book. Join the Conversation at CardsChat.

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Daniel Negreanu’s Power Hold’em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu

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March 13th, 6: August 25th, 4: Originally Posted by turtlerox i heard that is a very good book,and a lot of people really likes it so i thought i should bought it holedm i want to hear your oppinion! Originally Posted by gyk21 do anybody know a online site which sell books about poker???