Digitech GSP 21 Legend Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech GSP 21 Legend Owner’s Manual. This upgrade will make a GSP Legend out of any GSP21, GSP21 Pro or After you have upgraded to Legend you will need a new user manual. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE YOUR GSP21 LEGEND PROGRAMS REALY FAST to download the GSP 21 Manual, right click the next link, and choose save.

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Digitech GSP21 PRO – Ultimate Guitar

See and Hear it Live! Some of the stereo effects sound better than the podXt Live’s, to me, but only if I’m recording direct.

I tried hooking the Digitech up to my PAS – oh, excuse me, my L1 – and was appalled at how plastic fake it sounded. Now I’m wondering if that was my fault – should I have set the output for something else? I have all kinds of output choices – 1 for guitar power amps and guitar speaker cabinets – 2 for going direct – 3 for use with a reference power amp full bandwidth amp – 4 for combo amps with 10″ speakers – 5 for combos with 12″ speakers or larger.


Yeah, I should listen to all of them and see which sounds best, if any, but I’m wondering if there’s a good reason to use one or the other.

And yes, I have the podXt Live, but I also love having choices. Metheny’s been using one of those for several years, wonder what he outputs? I’m really enjoying my GNX4, for both live and studio work. Very clean, noise-free and rich-sounding. Like Reply 0 Likes. Don, I’d use either 2 — direct or 3 — full bandwidth.

Use preset 00 to start on the L1 thanks for the L1 above. Wow, what a difference. I’ve owned this unit on and off since I bought it new inbut I never changed the Speaker Simulator, ever.

The “Direct” setting kicks butt – some of the presets really sounded great – I can’t wait to plug it into a recorder again, rigitech I’ve never used anything but 1 “guitar power amps and guitar speaker cabinets” for recording or performing. Of course, I don’t have the pedalboard for it, so I was constantly reminded of how cool the podXt Live is.

I believe the GSP pedalboard only changes presets, where the podXt Live changes everything with one tap o’ the toe. Choices – ya gotta love idgitech. Not that you asked, but I’ll tell you what’s going on here When the unit knows that you’re hooking it up to a 12″ speaker only, which is not a full range speaker, it compensates its output adds highs and upper mids to push the cone harder.


When you plug that into the L1, a full range speaker, you get a harsh sound from your patches. Once the unit knows that the speaker you’re connecting to is full-range recording or direct then it creates an even output curve.

That’s why we created PS1 mode for the Line 6 products. When you know what you’re connected to you can make them sound better.

This is kinda like digitecg L1 presets Did that make sense? I hope that helps, Steve. Appreciate the time to explain.

Made plenty of sense, even to me! Tips for getting started.

battery replacement on a digitech gsp 21 pro

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