View and Download DigiTech Artist RPA user manual online. Modeling Guitar Processor. Artist RPA Music Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download DIGITECH RP user manual online. Modeling Guitar Processor. RP Music Pedal pdf manual download. User guide • Read online or download PDF • DigiTech RPA User Manual • DigiTech Acoustics.

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Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. Digitech’s RP line are computer chip driven multi-effects floor units boasting effects like flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, tremolo, envelope filter, chorus, delay, and reverb along with amp simulations of popular amps.

Some have an expression pedal for assigning an effect to like the RPA. Don’t be deceived by the advertising, you can only use one effect at a time and not 12, but fortunately the effects are seperate from the compressor, delay, and reverb; so for example you can dial in your compressor settings, then your amp model, your effect like chorus for instance, then your delay settings, and then finally your reverb.

But using chorus and phaser at the same time; you can’t do that. They are quite usable, and they have up to 4 parameters to edit for each effect, which can be tedious but gives you more control. I played a handful of instruments through this, mostly a Fernandes LP Junior style guitar and a custom Telecaster.

I dug the clean sounds of the Blackface model with my Tele, and the Rectified model for distortion. I soon became addicted to swirling delays and whooshing flanger and phaser effects, and the spacey vintage vibe of the rotary effect.

I was on an effects high for weeks. The compressor definitely comes in handy for getting even sustain as long as you arent heavy handed with mwnual. Ultimately, the amp models can sound a bit synthetic, and the effects don’t sound analog, they are fairly obviously digital, but I think running into a good tube amp would greatly improve the sound from what I was playing it through: I would imagine the speaker cabinet models would help in making this sound better for going direct into a PA system, but I still wouldnt want to unless I had to.

Some comment it becomes thin.

There are a lot of handy features I love like the headphone jack that let me practice or rock out at night with the wife and kid asleep, and the built in drum machine is cool even though half the beats are just too cheesy to be useful.

The built in tuner is accurate and handy. My least favorite feature is that some effects are just too diggitech. I owned an RP digitecn this, the sound is comparable but the was simpler.


I don’t use the expression pedal as much as I thought I would. If you can pick one of these up used for well under bucks, it is worth it. If manal are going to spend bucks for one new Did you find this review helpful?

This unit is very sturdy and easy to use. It comes with a ton of presets. The built in drum machine is great to play along with and helps me improve my timing. I also like the built in tuner and it works very well. I honestly haven’t found anything I dislike about this effects pedal. I was surprized how tough this bad boy is. I’m pretty big 6’5″ and lbs and my size 14 foot has no trouble stomping on this pedal and it takes the abuse.

I like this pedal alot. I did tons of research before I bought it so I could bet the best pedal for my money and this baby surpassed my expectation. You can’t beat it for quality, affordability and capability. This dibitech was originally published on http: I digitehc like much about this pedal exept for all the different effects it has. I hate the tone of this piece of crap because it doesn’t have much of a brown sound like stomp boxes.

You could probably drop this craper off your freakin house and it would put a mark on it. Don’t buy this pedal unless your rich or somthin because it sucks. I bought this off of manjal.

It has pretty much every effect you could want to use, plus other things like 2 different amp channels. The effects can be modified A LOT so you can get a pretty good sound, but nothing like what you can get out of a regular single effects pedal. I like the compressor – no buzz. You can’t turn effects on and off as you would expect. You have to manually go through each and every effect out of the very many there are I think a total of So when switching, you need to scroll through through unwanted effects.

And don’t believe their little “11 effects at once! You manul only use one, and that one can have only distortion which isn’t that great and you can use the wah. What they mean is there are 11 parameters you can modify which is good, but outweighed by other things for each SINGLE effect.

The best effect on there is the built in wah foot pedal. But still, regular wah pedals are better. The most important thing of all Mine broke within less than 2 months’ use. It turns on and all, and you can go through the effects, but no sound, which kinda defeats the purpose, ya know? It’s metal, but not all that sturdy. I haven’t taken it appart or anything, but it feels and sounds hollow when you knock on it.

It’s alright if you don’t want the top-of-the-line effects like in a single effect BOSS pedal they’re good and will last youfor example.

But if you’re gonna buy it for live performances, no, don’t. It’s not made for that But if it lasts you all of my friends had this or other RPs and they all broke tooit’ll be a good rp3300a unit See website for complete specifications or download the leaflet. For me to read the manual before acheterest a great way to see if the device that you will buy will suit us or not. All treatments are digital. In this version of the manyal, they can be edited by the buttons over there.


The interface is very long to master. In fact, it works on the principle of a matrix: When no is selected, it works like a normal amp gain, treble, middle, bass, volume. It takes practice to change that live, but it limits the number of buttons on the front. So there is no footswitch for digitecn section, for example, it is not possible to disable the modulation or delay independently of the rest, you have to preset the same without delay for that.

It is a choice. For example, the Boss ME50 works completely the opposite: That pest, but it is common to all multi-effects I try ME50, a Tonelab is the same brothel.

DigiTech Artist RP300A User Manual

There are factory presets which show the capabilities of the beast. Indeed, it is the original use of this thing. In addition, there is, for each memory both channels amp, with independent settings of the amplifier section. It allows for a clear sound and a lead sound in the same preset. The manual is paper and very well done, he rp00a everything very clearly.

It leaves a great variety of sounds out the same. The whammy is nice, the detune anecdotal. The wahwah are unconvincing, but pretty good walk. The biggest advantage, the one who pushed me to buy, it can assign the pedal to almost any parameter adjustment.

So far I have not found any multi-effect of this price range and far above that allows that. It provides editing capabilities phenomenal! What disappointed me most, it is the amp emulations.

Whether one is clear: I bought this thing when I was young digtech naive, and I dgiitech it was the digital emulation must. The distortion is most hideous. The correct and marshall are atrocious, the fuzz inaudible, the shop The manusl is not like a tube amp, at least to the idea that I did. I compared with a true, not dreaming.

For a tube amp sound, you need a tube amp, period. For cons, the cleans are interesting, the more distinctive crunch “lamp” as tweed my opinion and the simulation of the Boogie gives a slobbering going very well for the blues cradingue as I like. So, about a dozen amp simulations, only four are really interesting. As for the simulation of acoustic guitar I guitars of shit, but still