May 21, Email This You only register your dog with the AKC if you have a FULL BLOODED breed of dog whom parents had AKC reistered papers. If you. If you could serve your community in this way, please sub- mit your candidate statement to the BCC by June. The Bridgeville . Twenty mile riders – Tour of the Unknown Coast May 5, .. you get kids that are more likely to engage in drunk driving, have .. For Sale— AKC registered black standard. May 3, What do you do when you read a news story that claims pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population but account for a third or even half .

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Maybe he was so starved he reverted to his instinct to hunt? As someone who has owned and rescued many of these dogs, which I love for their temperament, I can say that registered breeders scapegoat the backyard breeders, but they frankly cannot be absolved from guilt and responsibility for damaging these lovely animals through their practices.

Ohio’s New ‘Vicious Dog’ Liability Law Becomes Effective May 22

My brother is great with his alc-u dog. A brilliant peice of satire. In breeding caused her to lose the use of her legs and die about 10 years old. He has never once in 5 years even growled at anyone. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous.

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

Did any of them attack and not stop until their opponent was dead? ANY large dog can maim or kill a person. Knowledge is power…I suggest you educate yourself on this breed before you spout off about them. Would love to have a pit but due to Ohio STUPID laws they are on a list which makes you pay more insurance and most insurance companys will not insure you. As beautiful as they were, I felt very bad when I visited and saw akc-h.


Years of Breed “Improvement” | Science and Dogs

It is horrible, but there are a great amount of small breeds that have been involved in horrible situations where babies have been mauled or disfigured through a dirty diaper. Bichon Frises require more than average owner or professional coat grooming, multiple times per week to daily.

October 13, at 6: I am sure at one time this was a common practice of Kennel Clubs as well. American German Shepherds have been bred for this. Certified Nursing Assistants needed for the 3 pm pm shift at a Medicare Rated 5 Star facility in your neighborhood!

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap – Life With Dogs

She is so very dru, athletic and loving. When you can come up with a better explanation for nested hierarchies let the world know of your discovery.

How is that a trap? For instance, responsible breeders in the Bernese Mountain Dog community spend a great deal of effort identifying and working to eliminate diseases of the breed. Lets say I take my kids to the park and I see a pitbull running loose.

However, our dog a poidle mix has been stepped on numerous alc-u just by accident because she gets under feet and has never so ak-cu as growled at anyone. I know pit advocates can make little sense, but that was particularly painful to read.

Also there are so many in shelters. I love my husband, kids and dogs. This place is a shithole and I still love doing it.

And the point is, why is ONE necessary? Educating them is something I love to do, and proof to back it up helps tremendously. One of my dogs got diabetes. drku


You are dumb in the highest degree. It has to be done through regulation. Both are blue nosed pits.

My step moms family started telling me about the conditions they were living in. The subsequent poster is right — muzzling them in aoc-u is NOT the answer. Here are the facts: I gave him what I could, and thanked him profusely for taking her.

By Micaela Myers Reprinted by permission of Stubbydog.

But I can tell you this, you sound like a very misguided, angry, judgmental person, not only do you have little to zero experience with quite possibly the greatest breed of dog there is, the loving, loyal, goofy Petbull, but you also seem to know everything there is to know about them without this direct experience that people like I have, and you also seem to know everything about people too.

Have breeders made mistakes? The objective in training this dog is to achieve pack leader status.

The logic that pit bull apologists use is so specious: The breed of the dog is listed, and every dog is either a Pit Bull or a large dog. Your article fails to let the reader be aware of the all wonderful advancements breeders, working with health foundations and studies, have made towards having a healthy dog that also has beauty in motion.

She can put you in touch with breeders of working lines Malnois. My dogs are all caring, loving, and cuddly rduk. They just happen to be more powerful, overbred and dangerous that most.