Your guide to the Enneking system which helps your surgeon decide about treatment for cancer that starts in your bone (primary bone cancer). A System for the Surgical Staging of. Musculoskeletal Sarcoma. WILLIAM. F. ENNEKING,. M.D.,* SUZANNE. S. SPANIER,. M.D.,** AND. MARK A. GOODMAN, . Based on a combination of histologic grade (G), anatomic site (T), and presence or absence of distant metastasis (M) Grade G0 = benign G1 = low grade.

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In general, a high-grade lesion is more likely to invade surrounding host tissue. Support Center Support Center. Published online Mar Well-demarcated borders Grows slowly and stops Heals spontaneously [ osteoid osteoma ] Negligible recurrence after intracapsular resection. Thus local extent determines the approach for the surgical enneknig and feasibility for desired surgical margins.

staginy Your email address will not be published. How important is this topic for clinical practice? The stage of the tumor dictates the extent of surgical resection and margin. Developing of a clinical staging system for primary malignant tumors of bone: This is called an intracompartmental bone cancer.

Stage 2B The cancer is high grade and has grown though the bone wall into other nearby structures. This pattern is seen in tubular bones. Doctors often use a simple system to stage childhood bone cancer. Subscribe to our Newsletter and get updates delivered to your email inbox.

About Cancer generously supported by Dangoor Education since Your doctors might use the Enneking staging system or another staging system called TNM.

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Select the text below and copy the link. It is called an extracompartmental bone cancer. Since its establishment inthe American Joint Emneking for Cancer AJCC has undertaken the responsibility for developing clinically useful staging systems for various types of cancer.


What is the stage of this tumor by the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society system?

Staging childhood bone cancer – Canadian Cancer Society

Articulation with surgical procedure is limited when compared with the Enneking stagijg system because of lack of consideration to anatomic planes and compartments. Staving – The patient is a 42 year old male who gives a history of injury to his right buttock after sustaining a fall while playing volleyball approximately 6 months ago. This website is an effort to educate and support people and medical personnel on orthopedic issues and musculoskeletal health. The growth of this clone of cells exceeds, and is uncoordinated with, that of the normal tissues around it.

Radiol Clin North Am. Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc; ; For benign tumors, local aggressiveness and incidence of recurrence increase with increase in surgical grade.

The Enneking system is a surgical staging system. This compartment extends to the articular cartilage, cortical bone and its investing periosteum.

Enneking surgical staging system | Radiology Reference Article |

Stage I and II are further subdivided into two subcategories A, B based on the local extent of the tumor. Viswanathan S, Jambhekar NA. What is the likely diagnosis?

Indistinct borders Growth Growth includes the processes [Modeling is also part of bone growth] that causes increase length and girth before the closure of to epiphyseal plate closure [There is gain in length after epiphyseal plate closure].

The probability of survival as a function of stage for intracompartmental and extracompartmental groups was similar [ 5 ]. Open in a separate window. Stage 2A The cancer is high grade and is only inside the bone. Recurrent bone cancer Recurrent bone cancer means that the cancer has come back after it has been treated.


Not all neoplasms form lumps. The stage of the tumor dictates the extent of surgical resection and margin. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

It is a reliable, reproducible, and has prognostic importance for musculoskeletal sarcomas, especially for those originating in the axial skeleton. Staging is a way of describing or classifying a cancer based on the extent of the cancer, or where it is in the body. Am J Clin Oncol.

For spinal column tumors, the Enneking surgical staging system does not take into account the presence of a continuous epidural compartment, neurologic implication of sacrificing the spinal cords and roots, and need for restoring spinal stability. The most common place for bone cancer to spread to is the lungs. Call freephone or email us. Most osteosarcomas are diagnosed as this stage.

The patient feels his current pain may be related to his previous injury. The task force on malignant bone tumors of the AJCC could not agree on a satisfactory system and recommended institutions with access to large numbers of patients, consistency in management, and long-term followups undertake this task [ 2 ]. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

J Bone Joint Surg Am. Metastatic giant cell tumor of bone: The cancer is either inside the bone or grown through the bone into nearby structures. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.