Fournier’s gangrene, an obliterative endarteritis of the subcutaneous arteries resulting in gangrene of the overlying skin, is a rare but severe infective necrotizing. Profile of patients with Fournier’s gangrene and their clinical evolution. Perfil dos pacientes com gangrena de Fournier e sua evolução clínica. DJONEY RAFAEL. La gangrena de Fournier es una infección grave de la zona genital de los ciertas afecciones corren un mayor riesgo de llegar a tener gangrena de Fournier.

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Actas Urol Esp Lee and colleagues described the use of unilateral gracilis muscle fisiopatolofia reconstruction combined with the internal pudendal artery perforator flap for reconstruction of extensive penoscrotal defects. Characteristically, FG exists due to synergism between multiple bacteria that theoretically are not highly aggressive when presented alone.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Although colostomy can be beneficial with regard to wound healing by avoiding fecal contamination, it should be performed only in fisiopatloogia cases because it increases morbidity.

Testicular involvement is limited in FG by the fact that the blood supply is derived from the fiisiopatologia, independent from the affected region [ Gupta et al. After initial radical debridement, open wounds are generally managed with sterile dressings or negative-pressure wound therapy. However, its association with increased mortality is debatable [ Kabay et al.

SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field.

Contemporary diagnosis and management of Fournier’s gangrene

Abnormal laboratory parameters at admission have also been noted to have a significant impact on mortality. Subsequently, there is spread to the overlying skin with sparing of the muscles. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Predisposing factors Primarily an infective condition, FG has several predisposing factors and theoretically, any condition that decreases the host immunity may predispose a person to the development of FG.

Crit Care Med Plast Reconstr Surg Surg Gynecol Obstet The polymicrobial nature of FG with contributions by both aerobic and anaerobic fiskopatologia is necessary to create the production of various exotoxins and enzymes like collagenase, heparinase, hyaluronidase, streptokinase and streptodornase, which promote rapid multiplication and spread of infection.

Conclusions Fournier gangrene is associated with high mortality despite appropriate early treatment.


The authors attributed this seemingly counterintuitive observation to the range in severity of necrotizing soft tissue infections and to the notion that patients are less likely to succumb to localized infections. The management of FG is underscored by three main principles: January – February Pages Computed tomography CT plays an important role in the diagnosis of FG as well as the evaluation of the extent of the disease to guide appropriate surgical treatment.

Based on analysis of individual comorbid conditions, only ischemic heart disease displayed a statistically significant association with mortality due to Fournier gangrene; ischemic heart disease was also associated with longer hospital stay. The physiological effects are believed to be enhanced leukocyte ability to kill aerobic bacteria, stimulation of collagen formation and increased levels of superoxide dismutase resulting in better tissue survival.

In contrast, anorectal sources of infection usually start in the perianal area, a clinical variation that can serve as a guide to localizing the foci of infection [ Smith et al. The use of topical honey has also been described in the management of FG because of its ability to inhibit microbial growth likely related to the osmotic effect of its high sugar content [ Tahmaz et al.

If you are a member of the AEDV: In their study of 44 patients presenting with FG, Ozturk and colleagues found that in 18 patients that required temporary stoma formation, significant increases in healthcare costs were observed without an effect on outcomes.

Meshed split-thickness skin graft with acceptable cosmetic result. The study of STSGs in the setting of denuded genitalia has been extensively studied and dates back to when Campbell first applied the technique to the testis after traumatic avulsion of the scrotum.

Subjects of both genders agngrena all ages may be affected [ Sorensen et al. Over the years, experience has shown that FG often has an identifiable cause and it frequently manifests indolently.

Contemporary diagnosis and management of Fournier’s gangrene

In cases of severe perineal involvement, colostomy has been used for fecal diversion or alternatively, the Flexi-Seal Fecal Management System can be utilized to prevent fecal contamination of the wound. Amphotericin B or caspofungin should be added to the empiric regimen should fungi be detected in tissue cultures [ Pais et al.


VAC therapy works by exposing a wound to subatmospheric pressure for an extended period to promote debridement and healing Figure 2 [ Mallikarjuna fournie al. Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Furthermore, length of stay was not affected by urinary or fecal diversion.

Meanwhile, patients with large and deep perineal defects often needed a myocutaneous or fasciocutaneous flap to eliminate dead space. Patients also may have pronounced systemic signs, usually out of proportion to the local extent of the disease.

Gangrena de Fournier

Coverage has to be achieved in a way that restores function quickly with a good cosmetic outcome and low associated dournier and mortality. Chan and collages state that implantation of the exposed testicle into an adjacent subcutaneous thigh flap can provide a shorter hospital stay and reduce recovery time. Indian J Urol Treatment of FG entails treating sepsis, stabilizing medical parameters and urgent surgical debridement.

Kabay and colleagues analyzed patients using this index and showed those with FGSI greater than Fournied infection was observed in The diagnosis of FG is primarily clinical, and in most cases imaging is neither necessary nor desirable. Urol Clin North Am Interestingly, it was observed that patient outcomes were similar regardless of management by general surgery or urology services [ Chawla et al.

Gangrena de Fournier | Cigna

The inferior epigastric and deep circumflex iliac arteries supply the lower aspect of the anterior abdominal wall, whereas the external and internal pudendal gangrenna supply the scrotal wall. Czymek and colleagues prospectively collected data on 35 patients diagnosed with FG to assess the effectiveness of VAC therapy versus daily antiseptic polyhexadine dressings.

SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it provides a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal’s impact. Am J Sur However, this technique is only temporizing, allowing the patient more time to recover until definitive scrotal reconstruction can be undertaken [ Chan et al. Early diagnosis remains imperative as rapid progression of the gangrene can lead to multiorgan failure and death.