Formigal-Panticosa a holiday destination kilometers os pistes, 6 Valleys. The skis pass of Formigal also gives in /www/htdocs/w00d50ca/production/ views/ on line «Back to the gallery. mapa de pistas formigal Los Apartamentos Formigal están situados en diferentes partes de la Mostrar mapa . Todos se encuentran a metros de las pistas de esquí y ofrecen.

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We may be experiencing one of the hottest summers of all times, if not the hottest. It is probable that, from a purely stereotypical point of view, whenever someone visits Spain, the first thing that comes to mind is warm weather, good food, beaches, etc. While it is true that Spain can provide tourists with all these pleasures, and many others, not all of them are related to sun and food.

Spain has proven to be an interesting option both for Summer and Winter. A testament to this is that eight ski stations were nominees for the annual World Ski Awards in This awards are the closest thing to an Oscar that ski stations around the world have.

Cerler won the award of best Spanish ski station, and it was one of the nominees to World Best Ski Station.

In the following article, dedicated to ski lovers, and to those who want to start practising this interesting activity, we do a brief review of the 8 most prestigious Spanish ski stations according to these international juries. First in our list is the closest of the Spanish stations nominees for the World Ski Awards: Sierra Nevadaformigak a roughly 3 hours drive from Roda.

Plan of slopes

It is an interesting touristic choice which allows you to visit the beautiful town of Granada it is located 27 km from itand seeing the Alhambra World Heritage before going to the formlgal. It is also located less than km from Motril, in the Granada dormigal, allowing you to enjoy the beach and the mountain in the same day.


However, it is, above all, a mandatory destiny for ski lovers. Sierra Nevada is one of the best stations in Spain and it possesses over artificial snow producing cannons.

For more information about this amazingly interesting destination, you can check the webpage http: This station also has an app available for IOS and Android. Most of the station ranges between and metres. The village of Cerler maintains the flavour of the typical villages in the Benasque Valley. Even though it is close to a great touristic centre, the village has been able to maintain its historic beauty.

It has a great number of noble houses from the 16th century and some buildings from previous eras. The station belongs to the Aramon group, owner of 5 more stations in the Aragonese Pyrenees, two of which were nominees for the Maa Ski Awards. Not bad for a cover letter. All the information you wish can be found in the webpage http: As it has been already mentioned, two stations from Aramon were nominees for the World Ski awards.

Formigal –

Even though the Cerler station was the winner, the Formigal station also has some impressive facilities that will be the delight of ski ma;a. As a result, six valleys have joined providing a ski area of km. Panticosa 38 km and Formigal km are connected via a ski-bus that leaves every half-hour.

In it you can partake in 8 rather rare activities: In addition, you must bear in mind the cross-country ski track around the lake and the lake and the spa, at an altitude of 1.

Apartamentos Formigal, Formigal – Precios actualizados

All this information is avilable on its webpage http: In addition to the ski facilities, the residential nucleus is located just below the tracks and it has all the services needed to turn the station into one of the best in Fomrigal.

It also possesses several other sports facilities in which you can play tennis, do ice skate, mountain-biking, horse riding, hiking, and canyoning. You can visit their webpage at http: In addition to the great amount of tracks available, formiga station also has 34 ski lifts -a nine seat lift; 26 chairlifts, and 7 conveyor belts- snow production cannons and 14 machines for the preparation of the tracks.


This season, the station opens four new tracks but, leaving technical details aside, one of the most interesting features of Baqueira Beret has always been the glamour it possesses thanks to the presence of Spanish celebrities. If you are interested on this experience, you can visit the website http: You can also send an email to baqueira baqueira.

It is located in Aisa in the Huesca province.

It is a very complete station, great both for expert ski lovers and for amateurs. Furthermore, thanks to its special orographic location, that keeps it from the wind, it can always guarantee its visitors remaining opened for the whole season.

For more information, you can visit the webpage http: In its history it includes sports and fun for all audiences. On top of its tracks it has quite a big snow park and the biggest super-pipe in the Pyrenees. Also, as part of the ludic activities for non-skiing audiences, it offers a wide range of activities, including trips on snow grooming machines, snow rackets, snow segways, and mushing tracks.

Among the international events that have taken place in the station there are: In high altitudes it is possible to ski between the rock walls of Coma Pregona and Coma Oriola.

We hope you find this article interesting and that you feel encouraged to visit any of this prestigious ski resorts. Please Sign in or Register. See you in the next article!!