: Foscam FIW Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (Black): Surveillance Cameras: Camera & Photo. Buy Foscam FIW Wireless IP Camera (Black) featuring MP CMOS Sensor, x Resolution Glass IR mm f/ Lens. Review Foscam FIW. Foscam FIW features high quality video, wireless connectivity and night vision. Quick and easy set up with device streaming and instant notifications.

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We have been offering telephone support, US local warranty and building the Foscam brand in the US for the past 7 years. Based on our experiences with Foscam and feedback from end users we have launched our own new and improved line of wireless IP cameras and security systems under the Amcrest brand.

Working in partnership with the second largest security camera manufacturer in the world, Amcrest was founded with a deep commitment to end-user privacy and security, highly reliable software and hardware as well a seamless and intuitive user experience. For more information, please visit www. If you are interested in exchanging your Foscam camera for an Amcrest camera, we can offer you a loyalty discount, even if you are out of warranty. The camera functions well as an Iphone baby monitor or as part of a home or office security system with remote internet monitoring ability.

The IR-Cut filter automatically adjusts the lighting exposure via mechanical filter to provide true and accurately colored images that are not washed out.

In addition, the FIW has an upgraded and higher quality external housing as well as an included 2 fkscam extended warranty. Please select your quantity and click “Add to Cart” below. Building on the success of the Foscam FIW, the FIW distinguishes itself with an embedded IR-Cut filter providing enhanced picture and color quality as well as an upgraded higher quality external housing.

Grab it now while supplies last! Foscam US provides free after-sales support and warranty services only to customers who purchase directly from Foscam US. If you would like telephone support and have us perform a remote fosczm of your camera, purchase from Foscam. If you have any questions or concerns please call us directly at When you purchase directly from Foscam.

In addition, the camera is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty which will be honored by us through our office in Houston, TX. Our return policy is 30 days. The Foscam US warranty is only available fosam users who purchase directly from Foscam US using our online checkout system. Protect yourself by purchasing only through the links on this page.

What separates us from other distributors is our comprehensive after-sales technical support. We will walk you through process of foscak up your camera step-by-step. Our technical representatives have extensive knowledge regarding the setup and installation of Foscam IP cameras and explain the process in a manner that is clear and understandable.

This free support service is available only to customers who purchase directly through our website www. Ebay and Amazon purchasers will have to contact the particular reseller from which they purchased in order to receive support.


The field of view is slightly wider in the FIW. You have to make sure you configure it properly in the camera, your router, and if needed your device from the cable company.

The title really says it all. The installer CD version and even the downloaded version of the software for Windows did not detect the camera even connected with an Ethernet cable. I was able to detect it with the Mac version of the software which has a creation date of mid or so! I had to download the firmware update that I did from the Windows browser, which worked.

I tested seeing the video on the Mac because my Windows security settings kept me from installing the Unknown Publisher software. I then disconnected the camera from power and Ethernet, and after a few minutes connected it to power to see if it would work on WiFI which I had programmed and verified in the settings through the browser. But, alas, now the camera is not found and I get a timeout. Very frustrating user experience for what does look like a fairly well designed package with decent video quality and smooth tilt and pan, at a good price.

Victor Jones is amazing and very helpful. I am buying more Foscam cameras because of the service I get from all Foscam staff!!! I have 4 of these cameras. This camera should not be used as a security camera if you can afford something better! The picture is not good enough for a good ID of a person. If you had to pick out someone in a line up it would be impossible if two or more people were close to the same weight and height. It is a great price if you use it for the right cause!

If you cannot afford any other kind of camera and you are in dire need for security: This camera can be set up to send you an e-mail as soon as it detects motion.

Foscam FI8910W

That way as soon as you get an e-mail of a person breaking into your house you can call the neighbors and your local police department. PS Also, I agree with the other reviews, it is hard to set up, but if you call the tech help they will help you. They have an excellent tech support! Great productthe on-the-phone support is adequate, you can tell they are rushed to get off the phone. Great camera, excellent customer service and would recomend it to anyone.

I have foscan this camera for over a year at it operates virtually problem free. This should be fixed in the next firmware release Michelle Smith is a rock star she remotely controlled my laptop installed all soft wear, set every detail to my liking, password, everything she did all I did was connect the foscam vis Rj45 and powered my camera up she did the rest.

I don’t join forums too often or leave feedback on a product, but had to with this ip camera. They have a biz account with Teamviewer, which says a lot. I’m not a “trusting” kind of guy, I trust Foscam. Setting it up and setting it up wirelessly was easy and using it from inside my network was very easy! Easy instructions for doing that. My biggest problem was getting remote access so I can view away from home.


I was so confused about fixed ips and dnsdynamic and getting into my router and changing the settings. I’m not a computer guy. So after about 5 hours of reading forums and watching lots of youtube vids I finally called Foscam. Got to say they had it up in running after only 5 min. I did give them remote access to my computer and watched everything she was doing on my computer.

Amy Lopez help me with my problem. Got the foscam pro app for iphone 5s and seems to be working very nice. Guess the new foscams have there own dnsd so I didn’t have to sign up for an account or download noip. I will be order another camera asap. Thanks Amy Lopez for your help and explaining how it all works.

Foscam FI8910W – network surveillance camera

Not sure why there is negative comments on there customer service. Maybe the customers where just frustrated they where having problems. Which I could understand!! Have several of these cameras, one is in a upstairs unheated garage window where conditions 810 hot in summer and cold in winter.

The camera has always worked well.

Foscam FIW – network surveillance camera Overview – CNET

Set-up was easy, after I found our ISP was some blocking ports. Overall very happy with this camera. Seting up wireless was easy. Remote took some work. Throw out the instuctions and watch the youtube videos instead. They are much more helpful. I bought this for very basic need of watching when my landlord comes into my fiscam without telling me he’s supposed to and also monitoring my house while away. I was able to set it up to my own network easily but had trouble setting it up for wireless and remote access.

I tried for a few days and focam it was time for tech support. Called them and the guy was great. He did it through screen share and it was quick and fosacm.

It was a lot easier than if I had received instructions over the phone. I recommend letting them just do it for you. The camera works better than we thought. It was easy to hook up and works perfect. The company has a wonderful customer service department. Sarah Johnson did an outstanding job for me. She was patient and very helpful.

It took some time to get the configuration correct because of the way I connected the routers and the PC, but eventually she got us there.

We are now wireless. The camera, although I just bought it this week, appears to be a good camera. The images so far are excellent, and I got fosvam Standard camera, meaning not the HD. I will be getting an HD camera next if this works as well as I think it will. Again, many thanks to Sarah for her help and patience. Happy Holidays to everyone. I bought this camera from Groupon over a year ago, and have never gotten around to fosccam it up until recently.

I’ve called tech support twice and both times they’ve been incredibly helpful and patient.