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Samsung GX-SMCF overview and full product specs on CNET. Samsung Smart Media Player GX-SMCF – digital multimedia receiver overview and full product specs on CNET. Buy Samsung GX-SMCF Smart Media Player featuring Built-In Wi-Fi, Full Web Browser Full Live TV Capability + Smart Hub. Review Samsung.

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Samsung GX-SM530CF

The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. I am very pleased with this box. It downloads program schedules for cable, and Been using this for 6 weeks now, and my initial happiness with this product It downloads program schedules for cable, and has a very attractive grid with programming details and artwork. Love my TiVo, but did not want to incur another subscription fee.

Samsung GX-SMCF Digital Media Streamer | eBay

No DVR with this, but I already have one. I am surprised there are no other comments sj530cf it. Includes Netflix, of course. Easy access to all the media servers on my home network.

It plays back every type of file I have, including mkv, mp4, mpeg2, etc. Nice, attractive aluminum box that takes up little space. Been using this for 6 weeks now, and my initial happiness with this product has turned a bit sour, and the bloom is definitely off the rose.


The setup is easy, minutes only, even pairing a Comcast cablecard was surprisingly simple. However, I have had ongoing problems, I turn the unit on after being off all day and times a week receive a weak channel or scrambled channel error message and black screen. This on this lightly used bedroom unit.

It seems to happen more frequently with less usage and is not something I want to deal with a 11pm at night. I can sometimes clear the message by unplugging the unit for a few moments and then plugging it back in When that doesn’t restore viewing, unplugging the unit and HDMI cable, then removing and reinserting the cablecard has brought it back without fail, but still, without the guide available until it reloads.

I have it connected to our wireless network, but it does take a couple of minutes to get the guide info again. I’ve checked the signal strength on the unit via the service menu and it is not low and I have new rg6 cable throughout the house. Don’t really miss my former cablebox’s OnDemand feature as I have Amazon Prime and lots of available programs to watch and viewing has them on this unit has been seamless, However, we do tend to use it late at night when demand is less.

Using the onscreen keyboard to navigate and enter a title is tiresome and slow as the remote is cheap and not laid out very well, and has no back-light or intuitive design. Lastly, over two weeks ago my remote stopped working to change channels with the Channel button, but it works perfectly to move through the guide.


Technical Details

I contacted Samsung and still have not been able to get a replacement remote. The phone tree gives you the option for “Set top box” but have never been able to reach anyone in that department, nor has the TV department that I have dealt with instead.

At this point I do not believe it actually exists other than as a menu option on a phone tree.

Samsung support doesn’t seem to even know they sell this product, so technical help via phone is for all practical purposes unavailable. Samsung has horrible customer service in my experience, and they have proved me right again with this product and their lack of support. I’m sure I would not purchase this item for someone like an older parent, or even anyone who wants this to work consistently without any issues It is unfortunately not as reliable as the cable company’s set top box.