Selling this Holfi Audis Integrated Amp, I’m rating it 8/10 due to age, still working but without box and manual. My price will be RM, location. Holfi Audis integrated amplifier (Cherry) | Sound & Vision, Home Audio & HiFi Separates, Amplifiers & Pre-Amps | eBay!. I bought the Holfi Integra after listening to several other amplifiers, both cheaper and more expensive than the Integra 8, including the “little brother”, the Audis.

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Available in 42 countries. Useful phono stage with but with a little sibilance and ringing.

Bass punch really rolls along. So good, you will hardly notice the lack of a remote control. Sounds more expensive than it really is.

Excellent material value for money. No tone controls or remote. A sometimes harsh treble and slight lack of cohesion stop top honours though. Bright but clean which gives appealing vivacity. An expressive treble sometimes wins through. Not the audiophile number one, but a fine real world budget product nontheless.

Pre-eminently balanced and natural. Perhaps a bit too up-front. Not for all systems. A slight holfii emphasis can make certain music sound rather forward. Competition audix strong at the price. Great British hi-fi on a budget. The tone controls aidis balance adjustment will appeal to some. A very easy and relaxing listen, if a tad laid back at times. Excellent facilities and upgrade potential. Aueis smoothness and transparency. Whether you go for plain or pukka Puccini, the results are fast enjoyable and detailed.

Good value with plenty of excitement. Could be a little bright for some. It combines impressive scale with delicacy in an attractive package. Listening in bulk, rather clinical and cold sounding. Not perhaps the transparent at the price. A touch bass light, though. Captivating sound, if lacking smoothness.

Good imaging but smallish soundstage. Not for the weak-hearted or laid-back though. Superb build and ergonomics make it a far more accomplished all-rounder, and one of hi-fi great bargains right now. Bettered by good separates though. Smooth and detailed with good punch too. Aduis of the best at the price. Outclasses the competition in every area. May not suit those with ‘heavier’ tastes though.


This amplifier blends power and grip with imaging and detail. Could ideally do with more fire in its veins. Relays music with good emotion but lacks that last ounce of fluidity to carry it off. Build quality is simply superb for the money. Great clarity and detail, but lacks a bit of clout.

Lacks a bit of low hopfi slam though.

Fine midrange; transparent and open with vocals. Sweet, beguiling sound that lacks drive and grip. Some will find no better way of auddis music for the money, others may soon holci of it. Brutal resolution of detail but not the clearest ever. Could be a tad hoofi and tiring in some systems and competition is tough. Build and finish could be better and price lower. Well made but not one for the loudies. Outclasses many transistor alternatives with ease. Factor in superb build and brilliant ergonomics, and it’s surprisingly good value.

The A3 is a class leader in solid state design. A very good all-rounder with super-clean sound. Exquisite manners and power to spare. Adept at handling subtle details. Difficult to beat at the price.

Good with orchestral and well-mixed rock and pop. Great looking hybrid amp with whisper quiet backgrounds, plus detailed and sweet midrange and treble. Thin sounding with the wrong speakers though, so audition carefully. Not the most intricate audos of amps at the price but definitely one for music lovers.

Definitely one to consider if its audix Krell sound you crave. Not as smooth as the best. Prefers fairly efficient loudspeakers though. Verging on the expensive though. Excellent dynamics with the right ‘speakers. Too smooth to suit everybody though. Superb value for money. Hi-Fi World, Powered by Joomla! Fluid and musical but upper bass is a little dry.

The Aura has a smooth, civilised sound with fine detail.

Involving and finely detailed, the Cambridge pushes forward the boundaries for inexpensive ausis. A bargain in almost every respect. Big, powerful sound is only slightly marred by the slightly hard sound. An exciting sound with excellent drive and bass.


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Good drive, punch and an open soundstage, but suffers from confusion plus a thin midrange and treble. If you have bass-heavy speakers, the Kenwood could well smooth things out.

A lot of amp for the money, with a tidy and enjoyable sound. A rock-oriented amplifier that can sound fantastic if it is carefully mixed with well-matched CD and speakers. A very capable integrated with a smoothness and warmth predisposed to classical rather than rock. Fine quality bass but rather lackadaisical as regards timing. Good detail and a spacious open sound gives acoustic music and the majority of rock superb clarity.

Younger sibling of the famous with many of its virtues to boot. The C has a lot going for it.

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Luxuriant presentation doesn’t compensate for the tendency hplfi un-rhythmic effects. Feature packed fast-paced amplifier that is a bit too inconsistant but plays a mean up-beat rhythm. On a budget, the Pro-ject has strong merit, including an excellent phono stage. A fine performer for the price with a lively and precise sound, plus a decent phono stage to boot!

Fresh sound with sharp attack.

Unusual power supply and very clear treble. A very fine phono stage and excellent performance is somewhat marred by the less than inspired overall sound.

A good looker with a smooth and powerful sound, if a tad sterile. Not the most musical amp ever but good value. A fine amp that offers good audiophile value, but it can be a bit too reserved for its own good.

Smooth as silk, tactile bass and sweet treble. All the main ingredients like rhythm and dynamics present and correct. This is the revamped remote control model. Fast, powerful and smooth sound, a little warm but very atmospheric. Good value and aaudis built, with an exciting and very solid-state sound.