Holotropic Breathwork has ratings and 8 reviews. Rose said: I Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy. Other editions. effect on various emotional and psychosomatic disorders.” Grof and Grof, () Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy, p. sciousness to light in their latest collaboration, Holotropic Breath- work: A New Approach to Self-. Exploration and Therapy. Scholars and seekers alike will enjoy.

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Trivia About Holotropic Breath I felt further effort was futile.

I guess I should have been worshiping at both churches all along as it was only by attending a, HB session that I finally was able to understand what the word transpersonal actually meant and had a literal “view” of what it could encompass. Our defenses can be stubborn and help is often needed for us to move along to the next stage – the next feeling to be felt. As mentioned, I have only attended three holotropic breathwork sessions and was greatly impressed with two of them.

Perhaps, I had become unconscious during my birth and could neither participate in, nor relive my final part of birthing. The later was used by my facilitator in the case story above.

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy

I’ve a friend who told me that he prefers holotropic breathwork to primal-oriented therapy. Some conditions were rather primitive and others scary as was the “encounter with the military junta in Buenos Aires. I don’t remember a more vivid example of the difference between an academic and a scientist.

This is a great presentation on breathwork and how it can cleanse, heal and assist one in a better, freer life! No trivia or quizzes yet.

Cristina rated it it was amazing Nov 21, The physical nreathwork to get born was beginning to be felt. This puts holotropic breathwork in the unseemly position that it encourages plucking feelings before they have ripened.


Boyan Stoev rated it it was ok Aug 27, Most helpful reviews on Amazon. Approxch Gates of Consciousness; Spiritual Emergency: As far as I remember, in previous books, the Grofs have not shared much information about interventional techniques used by holotropic practitioners.

If you want to have the therapy, just go do it. Yuri Scaramussa rated it liked it Apr 07, If so, how was is healing?

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy by Stanislav Grof

Theophostic and other Experential Therapies. The authors explain how Freud and Joseph Breuer, in Studies in Hysteriawasted their efforts in presenting abreaction as an adequate method of treating neurosis and which Freud was to later abandon in both his theory and technique.

I base my conclusion solomente on my regressive experiences. Breathwork answers that if that is what is brought up during the holotropic breathing then that is what should be processed.

Grof’s massive output of material inventoried and stored at in the archives of Purdue University. Liuda rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Grof and Grof, ibid.

Life changes, some desired and some unwanted. This book is not for laypeople, and it’s criminal that isn’t made clear anywhere in its description or intr Considered giving the book one star, but there are like ten or twenty pages that have understandable and moderately insightful material. You will be welcomed, as an holotropic breathwork practitioner once mentioned that he likes working with primal people as they “go straight to the work at hand.

However, with other, more typical traumas, they were not prepared for the intensity which they beheld. Awakening the Divine Within, a documentary about rediscovering an enchanted cosmos in the modern world.

And yet, and yet – it had hurt so good! I feared Anf was being pushed beyond my endurance. Matt Williamson therspy it it was amazing Aug 25, Click on the link below. The material is lofty and uninteresting. I needed still more chest pressure, so he lay on top of me, his chest on mine, and used the full weight of his body to maximize the pressure. This book does just enough explaining of the psychological theory for the reader to have a basic understanding of how and why Holotropic Breathwork works and what it can do for individuals who are looking to embark on a spiritual journey or to find inner peace and aporoach.


Finally, the torment was over. Jan 22, Sien rated it liked it. The historical roots and theoretical foundations of the holotropic breathwork experience are important subjects, but for some reason. As a solution, why not become proactive eelf-exploration encourage or shove that feeling into revealing itself? If you’ve had the therapy, I can’t imagine any of this would be new to you.

The feelings at Appel Farm, that day, encompassed both my early failure and final success of birthing. Janov definitely has my vote on that question. I was screaming so loudly that I feared others would think I had truly “flipped out. I believe that many of us primal folks repeat our regressions ad nausasem and a point is reached where go nudging is needed when we find ourselves knowing that new next very early experience is right around the corner and needs to be processed but just can’t be accessed.

The position of primal therapy is rather that access to this material can sometimes point to proof of one’s overload of repressed material which should be respected and treated gingerly.