This guide contains information about only the Omnibook XE3, technology code GF. This manual and any examples contained herein are provided “as is” and. HP OmniBook xe3-gc manuals. 77 manuals in 21 languages available for free view and download. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this manual, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Transfer of Rights in Software. Customer may transfer rights mabual the software to a third party only as part of the transfer of all rights and only if Customer obtains the prior agreement of the third party to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement. Contents Introducing Your Computer To safeguard your data To use digitally omniboik drivers in Windows Specifications and Regulatory Information Your HP notebook PC comes with preinstalled software, and various models are configured with different combinations of software.

This pictorial inttroduction shows you how to get the computer up and Quick Start sheet running quickly. It shows how to set up and operate your computer and where to go for manua, if you run into trouble. Multimedia buttons The multimedia buttons are on the front of the computer, to the right of the status display.

Introducing Your Computer Identifying Parts of the Notebook Status panel The status panel on the front of the computer provides information about CD playback status, system power management, system date and time, and battery status. Messages are displayed on the 8-character LCD display, and you can switch from one kind of message to another by pressing the mode button to the left of the display.

Power switch and standby button There are two controls above the keyboard that affect power in the HP notebook PC. The switch at the top left turns computer power on and off, and the large blue button in the top center puts the system in standby mode—or, if it is already in ze3 mode, returns it to If the battery has been removed, you can install h by inserting it into the battery bay on the bottom of your computer.

Insert the back edge first, as shown, then press down the front edge until the battery latch clicks shut. Using an unauthorized AC adapter can damage the computer and may void your warranty. Refer to the ce3 statement for your product. If you prefer, you can instead use a PC card modem or an external modem to connect a phone line. Plug in the AC adapter and slide the power switch to the left again. The first time you turn on your computer, a Windows Setup program will automatically run so that you can customize your setup.

If you have Windowsyou are not prompted to register, but you can register by modem if you double-click the HP Notebook Registration icon on the desktop or click the Register link in gp Windows welcome screen. See that the phone line is connected and follow the onscreen instructions.

By fax If a printer is connected to your computer, you can up a xs3 of your registration and fax it manhal HP. If the computer does not shut manuzl, slide and hold the power switch for five seconds, then release it.

Using Your Computer Operating the Computer Operating the Computer To use the Fn hot keys The combination of the Fn key plus another key creates a hot key—a shortcut key sequence—for various system controls. Press and hold Fn while pressing the appropriate key.


HP (Hewlett-Packard) HP Omnibook XE3 Laptop User Manual

This is the same as clicking the Start button on the taskbar. The Applications key brings up the shortcut menu for the current application. This is the same menu that appears when you click the right mouse button while pointing at the application.

This is a shift key providing access to certain keyboard characters. To temporarily silence the speaker without changing the volume setting, click Mute. With the multimedia buttons When the computer is on, the volume control buttons on the front of the computer govern volume for most audio applications, including the CD player.

When the computer is off, you can use these mabual to adjust the volume for music CDs. Using Your Computer Operating the Computer Move a thumb or finger across the touch pad in the direction you want the pointer to move.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) OMNIBOOK XE3 user manual – – Solve your problem

Use the click buttons, which function like the left and right buttons on a mouse, to make your selection. To use the One-Touch buttons The One-Touch buttons on your HP notebook allow you to start your e-mail or a Web browser—or any other application—by pressing a single button.

The buttons are configured initially for specific applications, but you can change the configuration to start any applications you want. Click Done, then OK.

To format display of application names When you press a One-Touch button on your HP notebook, the name of the application that is starting appears onscreen. You can change the size, color, and font of the display, as well as the length of time it appears. Click the Size arrow. Select the desired size. Click Preview to see a sample message displayed in that size. To change the length of time the display appears 1. You can improve security by—among other methods—using a password, locking the computer with a cable, or setting up virus protection.

To set up password protection You can protect your computer from access by another user when you set up password protection, which is available either manuql Windows software or through the BIOS Check that you have set up a Windows password, as described above.

Click Start, Settings, Control Panel 3. Using Your Computer Securing the Computer Omnibokk attach a security cable Your computer has a built-in connector that allows you to secure the computer with a cable. The Kensington MicroSaver lock system works with this connector and is available at many computer stores.

HP docking accessories offer quick, easy connections to these devices. Position the computer so your wrists and hands are in a neutral position. Your wrists should be as straight as possible and should not have to bend sideways or more than 10 degrees up or down. Your HP notebook computer has a built-in palm rest, which is ideal for this purpose. To take care of your computer Provide adequate ventilation around the computer. Ensure that the laptop is sitting on a flat surface, ze3 that air is able to flow underneath the unit.

See that there is adequate clearance to the rear and sides of the computer, so that fan vents are not blocked. Using Your Computer Caring for Your Computer To safeguard your data Do not touch the touch pad or activate any other device that interrupts operation while the system is starting or stopping.

Back up your work regularly. Copy files to floppy disk, tape, or network drives. Use a virus-scanning program, such as the included application VirusScan, for exampleto check the integrity of your files and operating system.


To get the most from your batteries Do not leave batteries unused for long manuual of time. If you have more than one, rotate them. If you normally use AC power, make a practice, at least once a week, of using the battery as your power source.

Traveling with Your Computer Managing Power Consumption Managing Power Consumption When you are not using your computer, you will want to maximize battery operating time without compromising performance. It is not necessary to turn the computer off in order to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. System standby Action When Resume A message box appears 15 seconds before system standby takes effect.

This allows you to stop the process and save your work if you have not recently done so. In Windows 98 and Windowsstandby and suspend are equivalent terms. Traveling with Your Computer Managing Power Consumption To use manual power management You can shut down your computer manually whenever you need to with any of the following three levels of shutdown.

System standby Action Turns off the display and hard disk drive.

When Press the blue standby button. Omnlbook When the system hibernates as a result of a critically low battery, you will find when resuming that all your omnibkok has been saved but that some functions may be disabled. Using Battery Power Using Battery Power You can operate the HP notebook PC on battery power for extended periods, but you should be prepared to save your work and shut down if the battery is low. Follow the tips in this section to maximize the length of time you can operate on battery power.

From the Windows taskbar The System Hpp on the Windows taskbar includes a power icon that allows access to more detailed battery status information. The icon looks like a battery when AC is not connected. Place pointer over the power icon to display a percentage of remaining time. Msnual the power icon to view the options for displaying power information. Turn off the CD player when you are not using it. To connect the modem 1. Check that the telephone line is an analog line, sometimes called a data line.

It should have 2, 3, or 4 wires. You must not use a PBX or digital line. Connect a telephone cord with an RJ plug to the built-in modem or connect to a PC card or external modem.

You are now ready to explore the Internet.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) OMNIBOOK XE3 user manual

To go to a specific website, enter the address for example, www. To disconnect from the Internet You remain connected to the Internet until you shut down omnibooi computer, disconnect the phone line from the computer, or give a command to hang up the connection.

To disconnect from other ISPs, double-click the connect icon two connected computers next to the clock on the taskbar, and click Disconnect. On the General tab, click Properties, then on the Connections tab click Advanced. You can type AT commands in the space for extra settings. On the Modems tab, click Properties. You can use the modem and fax software to send and receive faxes on your computer.

In QuickLink, click the Fax Viewer tool on the toolbar. Click Yes to view the fax now. Click the printer icon to print the fax. Making Connections Using the Omnibiok To receive, view, and print faxes With Windowsif you enabled the modem to receive faxes, they are received automatically.