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Prone Shoulder Extension with External Rotation. Set shoulder blade as in #1. Turn palm toward floor. Bring arm away from floor to your side. Hold 5 seconds. Written by: Cindy Brantley, Lori Howard, and Jay Thompson. Hughston exercises # Rotator Cuff Exercises Positioning and technique: Lay prone (on your. Pinner days “Wow I just did this because my carpel tunnel was hurting and it worked!” Health And Fitness: Finger & Wrist Stretch Exercise – I have HORRIBLE .

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Place a towel between your arm and side. Start palm up grasping bat at mid barrel.

Hughston Exercises for the Shoulder

Start with 30 repetitions When comfortable increase to 3 sets of Bring the arm up as far as possible. Current players should have a hard copy of this program, but may need to exericses to this for a refresher. Your palm should be facing forward with your thumb away from your body. The Hughston exercises should not be performed more than once or twice jughston week, and never on back-to-back days.

Once three sets of 15 have been reached, add 10 repetitions to each set three sets of 25, etc. Flexion-Starting with the arm at the side, bring the arm straight out in front of you until arm is parallel with the hugghston.

Begin with one set of 5 After one week, increase to one set of 10 Each week, increase by one set of 10 After three sets of 10, increase to three sets of 12, and then three sets of Each week, increase repetitions by Therefore, the “push yourself” mentality can be very dangerous when going through fxercises Hughston routine.


You progress to 60 reps.

May begin push-ups on knees if necessary, and progress to full push-up position. Move hand down to regular grip position on handle of the bat. Begin with three sets of Start with 10 repetitions and no weight Each week, increase repetitions by 10 Once the athlete can perform 60 continuous repetitions with no weight, a one pound weight may be added. Prospective or signed players can begin this program prior to arrival at VSU.

Scheduling regular workouts appropriately will lessen the chance of injury and improve athletic performance.

The routine should progressively progress throughout the week, from more agressive to lower intensity as competition approaches. Begin with three sets of 10 Each week, increase repetitions by 5 Once three sets of 20 are reached, increase tension on the tubing to add resistance Repeat cycle three sets of 10, increase repetitions by 5 each week, add resistance after three sets of 20 2. Amount of Plyometric Exercise Per Week.

For each exercise, the top position should be held for two to three seconds before slowly lowering to starting position.

Not only will it enhance performance in their sport, it will help build and maintain strength of the rotator cuff muscles and decrease the chance of injury. Arm raises with thumb pointed towards head: Abduction-Starting with the arm at the side, bring the arm up until it is parallel with the floor.


You may need to move over on the table, so a portion of your upper arm yughston supported. Increase according to the timeline, sxercises the athlete is unable to perform the previous number of repetitions.

Hughston Exercises for the Shoulder | SportsRec

Lying face down on the edge of a table, the athlete allows their arm to hang towards the floor. How many and when to progress: Start with 10 repetitions and no weight.

Punches Positioning and Technique Can be performed standing using tubing or supine on table while holding a medicine ball or cuff weight.

Be sure elbow is level with your ear.

Again with the thumb pointed towards the ceiling, the arm is lifted slightly towards the head, so the finishing point is at eye level. Once the eercises can perform 60 continuous repetitions with no weight, a one pound weight may be added.

Hold for a five count. Shape Created with Sketch. Adequate rest is essential in allowing the rotator cuff muscles to heal between workouts. Rotator Cuff Injury Rehabilitation Exercises.

When comfortable, add a second set of 5 to the first set of 15 one set of 15, one set of 5.