If you are seeking professional registration you will need to demonstrate your ability to meet competences described in the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC. UK-SPEC is made up of five high-level competence requirements (A – E). All applicants must demonstrate an adequate level of specialist mechanical. Use the best examples from all your MPDS reports to show how you have met the competence. Remember: you must edit your application form before you press.

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If you are an employer, find out how MPDS can help your organisation. Chartered Engineer application guidance. The application process Start your application. Courses to suit the way you learn.

Yes – if you have discussed the situation with your mentor, and they agree that you need more time to gain the appropriate competence levels. Who is it vompetence We encourage keeping to the annual reporting dates on the MPDS route as this helps to ensure that the professional development being recorded will demonstrate current competence levels.

IMechE offer career-transforming management courses and world-class technical courses. MPDS is an Accredited company scheme which follows an agreed structured programme, which can facilitate developing engineers in reaching the competence requirements for registration.

Meeting the UK-SPEC: competence profiles and case studies

Your MPDS mentor cannot attend your peer review interview. Read our definition of mechanical engineering to find out more. Mechanical engineering is a diverse discipline that encompasses the teaching, practice and leadership of others in the development and application of scientific principles to mechanical systems. We have a dedicated webpage detailing the membership and professional registration application process for Developing Engineers who have completed MPDS.

Support for your application We can help you find out if you have the qualifications and imsche necessary to apply be a Chartered Engineer and are here to help you during the application process. Online learning at your own pace Our eLearning courses are available as stand alone learning or with an online exam providing learners with a prestigious qualification View our eLearning collection View our project management qualifications View our webinars.


All of the work you have completed on Competencf so far and any additional experience can be referenced in the application and you can apply when you feel you have meet the requirements. Only two quarters may be competnce in the system at any one imexhe, eg.

Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) for graduates – IMechE

Build an effective team with our performance diagnostic tools. The form is set so that an auto-save will take place every 10 minutes — you will see a count down at the bottom of the page which competnece indicate the time to the next auto-save. The evidence size limit should ideally be no bigger than 5MB. If you have a question about Initial Professional Development schemes, we’d like to hear from you. Once you have completed all sections of the form you will be asked to enter the details of your credit or debit card for the application fee — no other forms of payment are available at this time.

Attend technical events to deepen your understanding of the latest engineering trends, reports and thought leadership. Download a PDF application form.

Definition of mechanical engineering – IMechE

It also ensures a level of confidence in others that you are indeed ready to apply and provide enough evidence to achieve registration. All news PE app. Summaries by competency Here you can see how much evidence the developing engineers have submitted for each competency. Information required The application form is divided into the following sections which must all be completed before submitting your application: The best way to do this is via a structured professional registration programme.

MPDS is a company scheme which may lead graduate engineers directly to professional registration. Javascript Disabled Please enable Javascript on your browser to view our courses. Automobile Industry Case study: Make sure all your quarterly and annual reports are up to date before then.


While the application process is the same for MPDS competrnce direct entry or standard route engineers, MPDS provides a structured route towards registration. There is a 4MB size limit for uploaded documents — anything over this will be rejected.

Once a year, you submit an evaluation of your development over the course of that year. You do not have to pay this fee until you are ready to submit your application. If you do not receive your receipt, contact our subscriptions department on Tel: Looking for a particular course? If you have not uploaded imwche reports within the year, you will need to competenc the standard application process to become professionally registered and gain membership imeceh the Institution.

To help potential members and volunteers understand the breadth and depth of mechanical engineering disciplines which are represented in membership of the Institution, the following definition has been created by our experienced assessors:.

You should try and meet up with your mentor at least once every quarter.

Your application will be checked by staff and, if complete, competeence will be contacted to make the arrangements for your interview within a couple of weeks.

Saving your work At any time you can save your progress and exit the form. Free webinars Join our free webinars to find out about the latest trends and enhance your career prospects. You can still continue on the scheme.

Email us at mpds imeche. Nuclear Engineering Case study: Power Generation – Non-Nuclear Case study: Submitting Plans and Evidence is optional.