The Mystery of Providence has ratings and 64 reviews. K.M. said: Took me a while to fully appreciate the book. The first half focuses a little too mu. Based on Psalm , ‘The Mystery of Providence’ by John Flavel shows how providence works for us in every stage and experience of our lives. pp. The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel – Contents. Introduction; The Evidence of Providence; The Work of Providence for the Saints; Our Birth and Upbringing.

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How often do we think about God’s providence in our birth and upbringing? A wicked man finds his heart rising against God when He smites him, but a gracious heart cleaves the closer to Him; he can love as well as justify an afflicting God. Not only is it full of examples of the Providence of God, it is also a challenge to look at my own life and see His Providences there for an encouragement to both myself and others.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel

One of the most timely and encouraging books I’ve read in a long time. This was great advice. I would especially recommend this book to anyone who is suffering. Flavel exhorts us to be more watchful and thankful for what God is doing in our lives. Flavel expounds on these eternal providecne. Feb 24, Debra rated it it was amazing.

All the thoughtfulness in the world will not make one hair white or black. Our own projects have come to nothing, and that which we never thought of or contrived has taken place; not our choice of the ground, or skill in weighing and delivering the bowl, but some unforeseen providence, like a rub in the green, was that which made the cast. I recommend this book wholeheartedly to all and suggest than you read the Publisher’s Introduction, then Chapter 12, and then Chapters 1 to Wood bitterly comments on the violence of his dissent.


The result of this book in my life was twofold: However, perseverance with the text, the concepts, ideas and applications of Scripture yield some majestic treasures. I stopped after having read the introduction and the first 2 chapters. This is a practical and devotional book on God’s providence that purposes to bolster the faith of those who are waivering in the midst of difficult circumstances, and rekindle a dependency on God in those who, enjoying comfortable circumstances, have drifted away from reliance on Him.

Flavel is one of the easiest Puritans to read. I do like how the author brings the devotional flavor to the subject of God’s providence.

The Mystery of Providence

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You can read my full review at Quieted Waters. Jjohn ask other readers questions about The Mystery of Providenceplease sign up.

Instead of the stories Spurgeon peppers his peovidence with, Flavel brings along a host of historic examples that brighten up his already pastoral style.

I think that it is a ‘must read’ book for Christians. How may we live a consecrated and victorious life?

Richard Flavel, described as ‘a painful and eminent minister,’ who was incumbent successively of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Hasler and Willersey, Gloucestershire from which last living he was ejected inwas born in or about at Bromsgrove. Committed Psalm 57 to memory as a flavell of reading it.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel – Still Waters Revival Books

Meticulous providence is assumed. Some of his chapters were quite long, but worth getting through.

His book throbs with doxology to the Most High. In the end he found himself obliged to remove to London, travelling by sea and narrowly escaping shipwreck in a storm, which is said to have ceased in answer to his prayers. For example, Flavel encourages his readers to thank God’s providence that they were not born in America, that barbarous land, but in England where they were brought up well-instructed in the Christian faith.


Flavel provides excellent reasons for trusting the providence of God, and I found his reasons for recording the acts of providence in our lives to be especially helpful. Certainly not a good book to give to non-Christians, but then again, that was not the public the writer had in mind.

Yet so often I live a very naturalistic life. He also knows that many people will act contrary to God’s actions and offers helpful ways of avoiding to fall into that trap. What this book really challenged me was to reflect in my own lives the providence of God and His divine favor and mercy–and how God has been the one who had a better plan than I did and led me to the right direction. He gives excellent advice on how to trust in God in the midst of those situations.

On 17 Octoberafter examination and the preaching of a ‘trial sermon,’ he was ordained Mr. It’s a beautiful and strengthening book I would commend to anyone. Flavel shows how providence is not merely a random act of kindness by God, sometimes noticed by us every once in a while in our lives, but that it is indeed the gracious hand of God working in every aspect of our lives effecting the perfect will of our sovereign Lord.