The African Mansa Moussa is the MOST RICH Man of All Time with a Fortune estimated at Billions of Dollars! El Hajj Mansa Musa, an immensely rich ruler. 14 sept. Kanga Moussa, ou Mansa Moussa, ou Kankou Moussa, ou Kankan Moussa ou encore Moussa I du Mali est était le dixième Mansa, qui se. Kankou Moussa Refinery in Mali is following the same concept as the Great Kankan Musa, also written Kankan Moussa, or Mansa Musa.

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Mansa Kanku Musa, the richest man of all times

The monarch also made part of his wealth to the cities he crossed on the way to Mecca. Moreover, he would also build a new mosque every Friday in any city he so happened to pass by.

Kanga Moussa comes to power kkankan the practice of representation that a king’s dolphin is appointed in his absence during his pilgrimage to Mecca. Musa made his pilgrimage to Mecca inwith a procession of 60, men12, servants who each carried four pounds of gold bars, heralds dressed in silks who bore gold staffs, organized horses and handled bags.

According to primary sources, Musa was appointed deputy of Abubakari Keita Kanjanthe king before him, who had reportedly embarked on an expedition to explore the limits of the Atlantic Oceanand never returned. Top Posts of the Day.

Kanku Musa is above all known for his incredible fortune and his important reforms within the Empire. The empire of Mali founded by Sundjata Keita was certainly at that time the richest country in the world and reflects well the economic situation of the whole Africa on the eve of the European slave trade and the acceleration of the Arabian slave trade.

Musa gave the gold to the poor he met along his route. Did you guess who that was?

Kankan Moussa _Emperor of Mali

You are commenting using your WordPress. Conrad, David 1 January He died inleaving behind him the image of worldwide known empire for its wealth. Lucia on March 21, at Mansa Moussa or Kankou Moussa is the tenth “mansa” king of kings of the Mali empire from to or Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Thank you Bishop Prince… I am quite honored for the reblogging. The candaces, warrior queens of Africa The candaces, queen-warriors of Africa4.

Kankou Moussa was not only a rich man who gave to all, built mosques, and places of worship, he was also muossa just conqueror, and a great builder. African origin of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A History of Islamic Societies.

Kanga Moussa, l’Homme considéré comme le plus riche de l’Histoire | Daily Geek Show

My boat was the last one; others were ahead of me. The historical facts available on the empire of Mali moussx mainly from the writings of Arab scholars who traveled in the Sahelian countries such as Al-Umari, Abu-sa’id Uthman ad-Dukkali, Ibn Khaldoun, and Ibn Battuta in particular.

It is recorded that Mansa Musa traveled through the cities of Timbuktu and Gao on his way to Meccaand made them a part of his empire when he returned around His reign corresponds to the golden age of the Malian empire.

Empires of Medieval West Africa: From the far reaches of the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus Riverthe faithful approached the city of Mecca. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Musa embarked on a large building program, raising mosques and madrasas in Timbuktu and Gao. Thanks for reacting with an emoticon and share the article.

Totally agree with you Lucia! Kanoan soon as any of them reached this place, it drowned in the whirlpool and never came out. One of the richest people in history, [10] he is known to have been enormously wealthy; reported as being inconceivably rich by contemporaries, Time magazine reported: To rectify the gold market, on his way back from Mecca, Musa borrowed all the gold he could carry from money-lenders in Cairo at high interest.

On our questioning, the captain said: He brought architects from Andalusiaa region in Spain, and Cairo to build his grand palace in Timbuktu and the great Djinguereber Mosque that still stands today. Could you translate the video in captions?


In this day and age, how many countries in this world can boast densely populated cities? George Washington Carver, the exceptional destiny of a genius. Thus Moussa is chosen as representative, then takes power.

So next time someone asks you who was the richest man on planet earth, remember to tell them that before Bill Gates, there was Kankan Musa! Notify me of new comments via email. The refinery includes a fully operational industrial unit covering all the phases necessary for the processing of raw gold unrefined gold and precious metals together with a formation center and a fully equipped analysis laboratory and jewelry production unit, The refinery is also runs a schooling department dedicated to teaching the design and creation of jewelry at an international standard and also the processes for the refining of precious metals.

Quoting from Al-Umariq. Lisapo ya Kama Notes: Plus, the Malian architecture presents characteristic features of the Black continent with its pyramidal style, inherited from Egypt and from Nubia which does not obey to the Arab architectural norms. Kankan Musa, the emperor of mali. In Niani, Musa built the Hall of Audience, a building communicating by an interior door to the royal palace.

Retrieved 17 October He ordered the chief admiral not to return until they had reached the extremity of the ocean, or if they had exhausted the provisions and the water.

When compared to the reigns of his successors, son Mansa Maghan recorded rule from to and older brother Mansa Suleyman recorded rule from toand Musa’s recorded 25 years of rule, the calculated date of death is Gao had already been captured by Musa’s general, and Musa quickly regained Timbuktu and built a rampart and stone fort, and placed a standing army to protect the city from future invaders.