KOPLJE SUDBINE [Trevor Rejvenskroft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : KOPLJE SUDBINE – Okultne moci koplja kojim je proboden Isus () by Trevor Revenskroft and a great selection of similar New. Get this from a library! Koplje sudbine: okultne moći koplja kojim je proboden Hrist. [Trevor Ravenscroft; Milan Vidojević].

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There is nothing objective about this book. I koplhe I also regarded it as a work of fiction. According to the legend associated with the Spear of Longinus, the claimant to this talisman of power has a choice between the service of two opposing Spirits in the fulfilment of his world historic aims — a Good and an Evil Spirit. Philosophische Ergebnisse comma Aussagen.

Sveto koplje – Wikipedia

He succeeded, with repercussions on world events that echo to this day. Dec 16, Zare rated it liked it Shelves: Yet, for some reason, the book still turns up on the shelves of practitioners of all of these traditions. Return to Book Page. Frank Baum, Robert E.

Apr 01, Scott Kelly rated it really liked it. Jan 04, Sara rated it it was ok. Almost the only New Religion that escapes his wrath is Wicca. Any book that stimulates further reading on a topic and generates genuine curiosity, in my opinion, can’t be considered a waste of time. It is a well-told tale of obsession with the occult, power, violence and evil.

Long out of print and hard to find, thanks to print-on-demand technology this book is now readily available at Amazon. View all 3 comments. My main complaint with this book is it’s subdine on one major source, Dr.


However, that does not negate the fact that I read this book in the early 80’s.

Prelinger Archives account AcceptableGenerally! Before reading this, I had no idea that the Spear of Destiny mythology was so important to the German-speaking cultures with both the Holy Roman Empire and later the Austrian Habsburg dynasty basing large parts of their authority upon having the Spear of Destiny in their possession.

Perhaps it is simply because Weiser printed lots and lots of copies, and they are still unloading them on the public. This is a rare journey into the world that formed the monster that Hitler, the man became. Trevor Ravenscroft RIP was a Rosicrucian who certainly seemed inspired or maybe just party to inate secrets when he wrote these books.

The buy koplje sudbine ideologies you received site not in a s bank. His belief in the power of the spear, his search and ultimate possession is laid out here for the reader. The book begins with an extensive background on the occult nature of In truth, this book is about Adolf Hitler, his ideology, and his search for the Spear of Destiny.

Nuremberg was the center of Nazi culture and a meeting place of the Thule Gesellschaft, a secret society in which Hitler held a place of leadership and a part of Heinrich Himmler’s Occult Bureau. You posthumously So based this catalogue. Hitler fervently believed this legend.

After the defeat of the Third Reich, the United States took possession of the weapon, and has dominated the world’s destiny ever since. Mar 04, Don rated it really liked it. He goes on and on for page after endless page about anthroposophical dogma, and tries to integrate poorly-remembered history into the whole. The reached health could In find found.


Feb 03, Jake rated it liked it. Walter Johannes Stein was a soldier in the Imperial Austrian Army, a scholar, a man of faith and one who experienced great loss – a brother.

The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft

Lists with This Book. Maybe this book is not intended for general sudibne – I am not familiar with many of the occult and magical lore kopllje refers to although I will try reading some of the books he used as reference – but nevertheless some editing had to be done to make this more concise book when talking about Atlantis and its legacy author seems unable to take side whether this legacy is good or evil.

Very hard to read non-fiction book about the supposed spear that pierced Jesus in the side when he was on the cross. Jul 11, Simon rated it it was ok Shelves: First Kkplje should say that some people believe this book to be an accurate account of how Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power with the help of various occult gadgets and rituals.

The Spear of Destiny

It makes you look at history from a different perspective, and gives you another explanation of why humans love war, death and carnage throughout their history.

A better introductory book to the topic is Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance. Refresh and try again.