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Index of /panasonic/KX-T Parent Directory · KX-T Installation & Programming Manual @ Find great deals for Panasonic Easa-phone Kx-t Electronic Modular Switching System T Shop with confidence on eBay!. Panasonic Easa Phone KX-T is a legendary system that continues to work in many homes and small businesses for close to 20 years. The KX-T is.

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Quick Reference Card for Standard Telephone can be found on pages. System Component Description Model No. Notify the Telephone Company Before connecting this equipment to any telephone, call the telephone company and inform them the following: Cotltzecrion of The 6t1610 Ofice Litle When a Line is Busy Automatic Call Back Busy- Camp-on Doing so may resulr in malfunction, noise, or discoloration. In direct sunlighr and her, cold, or humid places. To Mount on Concrete or Mortar Walls: Place the templet included.

Surely connect the frame the KX-T to earth ground properly to protect the unit. Remove the battery cover the compartment. Connect the battery included. Place the six telephone line cords into Holder. Ring Holder – see srep 2. Insert the modular plug of the exten- sion line cord 6conductor wiring into modular jack markeci EXT. Place the cords into Holder. Tip Holder – L: Low see t66110 2 H: Insert the modular plug the exten- sion line cord 2-conductor wiring into modular jack marked EXT.

Holder see srep 2 R: Paired extension is ext. Connect the KX at extension Connect the KX-T at extension Use a two- conductor pluo? Wiring conneCtion of the Doorphone A Connect the doorphone adaptor to the terminal box using a 4-conductor modular -connector.

B Connect the wires of doorphone 1 to the red and green screws of the terminal box. C Conrlect the tvires doorphone 2 to the yellow and black screws the terminal Confirm that dialing be done on following 1. Cotmeci all extension wiritlg lo the KX-T CO I Extetisioti Cotlfirtn that dialitlg can be done from all the Extension The Battery life is 3 years.

Repeat steps 4 to 7. To exit speed dialing entry, press the from eThe line access number 81 through 86 button. Console 1 extension number Telephone extension number paired with console Conditions Description the NEXT button is pressed at step 3 If you select the automatic switching mode for through 7, the display will advance to the service, enter the starting time.

OutltiI the desired extension number appearsDescription Programming Use; to prohibit selected extensions from mak- ing long distance calls. Toll restriction can help eliminate telephone Conditions prohibit international calls on extension 13 When you start the programming from step 1, but allow local and toll calls enter. Press xk NEXT button. Conditions Description Through programming, you can select of which 0 When you start the programming from t1610 1, you may dial the desired extension number extensions may dial an Operator Repeat 3 to 5, to program the assignment The ringing start time can be delayed on a the other extensions.


Pertnits an extension user f61610 answer othet men1 of fhe other exretisions.

Telephone Systems KX-T Panasonic KSU Refurbished Telephones & Systems

Description The LCD will stop blinking. Description SMDR is a cost saving feature that records on a printer a record of all incoming and outgoing calls.

The following information is provided on the printout. The SMDR will print out the security code of the long distance service. Word length Continued from page A title will be printed on the first 3 lines of each The default value is the same as that of the page. The skip perforation code indicates the number When the print head The LCD will stop blinking.

The following combinations are disallowed. The LCD will stop blinking. A tone itldication will be heard at the holding extension to remind the user that he still has a call on hold. Description To elitninare rhe paging access tone. Programming Table Programming See page To detect that an outside party has hung up and then terminate the outside after a conversation, 7. Description Dialing There are 12 memory locations for automatic 1.

Up to 32 digits can be srored butron. Conditions door-phone 2 Calling There are two types of dial tones. Description To answer c1 doorphone A differetlr ritlgitig pnttern is rmd to distitiglrish intercom cdls from itzcotnitlg outside cdls.

To place a call on exclusive hold: DescriptiOn bdth the confereflce parties are on the Allolvs fo; rip to a three party conference, outside: To terminate the original call and talk to the new caller. The ICM indicator will change lighting intoflashing quickly when new call reaches.

To transfer a call to the paged person? MUTE indicator will flash.

Conditions Description Allows estension user to access feafures NE button is OFF. Enter the line access number. You can reach the extension party by simply pushing the DSS Button. Description Description The elapsed time from dialing to replacing- In the event of a power failure each CO will be the handset on originating an outside call will connected to assigned, extension.


CO ,I t1610 assigned to extension 1J. CO 2 is assigned to extension For use of this feature, have dialed is buy, you will he rlrtolllrllic. Intercom atId This feature is required to be set beforehand outside calls may be placed otz hold.

Description Operation Allows pagitlg to one of four groups. Computer-accessed long distance ser- When the dialing mode is required 0 change vice from the t611610 mode to rhe tone mode in one e Local access telephone number he alternate dialing sequence, this feature Description To Cancel All outside or r61610 calls lo your esretlsiotl cat1 be forwarded to atlorher estetlsiotl auto- mnrically drrritlg your absence.

Kc feature provides security whet1 tratlsmitting data through arz extension KX-T6I KX-T are prohibited in this mode. Description To Dial Picking up the handset automatically dials a programmed phone number.

Panasonic EASA-PHONE KX-T61610 Installation Manual

Set the Power failure switch to OFF. Table of System Features features The following systetn catt be programmed ittto memory. Outsides CO Stations 2. If the telephone operates properly, do reconnect the unit to the line until the trouble has been repaired by an authorized Panasonic Factory Service Center. If the telephone does not operate properly, chances are that the trouble is in the telephone system, and not in the unit.

Panasonic Easa-phone Kx-t Electronic Modular Switching System T | eBay

It does not cover damage which occurs in shipment or failures which are caused by products not supplied by Panasonic Company, Panasonic Sales Company or failures which result from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteratibn, faulty installation, Panasonic Phone Number Directory. This manual is available for KX-T which the mark 3 on the plate as shown below. All the programming procedures described in the Installation Manual have been modified.

See the example below-the portion that should be deleted is shown shaded. CO 1 Iti tire event of a power failrtre, tkrolcgh 6 can be accessed using rhe standard telephones that are connected in parallel with proprietary telephones to extension numbers 11 through 1G re- spectively.

Insert the door opener adaptor. Wiritlg cotutec;totz the Door Opetlet from Loosen the screw and remove the cover. To return to the initial programming mode, 1 3escriptioiz press the END button. You can select whether the standard telephone which is connected in parallel with the propri- etary telephone works or not.