Jean Bodin (–) was a French jurist and political philosopher, member of the Parlement of Paris and professor of law in Toulouse. He is best known for. De la démonomanie des sorciers. Edited by Virginia KRAUSE, Eric MACPHAIL, Christian MARTIN, With Nathaniel P. DESROSIERS, Nora MARTIN PETERSON. (4e Ed.) (Philosophie) (French Edition) [Jean Bodin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La démonomanie des sorciers. (4e éd.) / par J. Bodin.

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Problems of Bodin became attached to some Skrciers editions of Aristotelian problemata in natural philosophy. Franklin, Sovereignty and the Mixed Constitution: A History of Magic Booksp. Varroni, thought to be a legal colleague of Bodin’s. He showed little interest, however, in the New World.

Most users should sign in with their email address. Avis, Foundations of modern historical thought: His doctrine was one of balance as harmony, with numerous qualifications; as such it could be used in different manners, and was.

Crombie as philosophical historians with contemporary concerns; Crombie also links Bodin with Francis Baconas rational and critical historians. It was attacked by Pedro de Rivadeneira and Juan de Marianafrom the conventional opposing position of a state obligation to root out religious dissent.

De la démonomanie des sorciers

Based on the assumption that a country’s climate shapes the character of its population, and hence to drmonomanie large extent the most suitable form of government, Bodin postulated that a hereditary monarchy would be the ideal regime for a temperate nation such as France.

Bodin had a plan for a school on humanist principles in Toulouse, but failed to raise local support.

Henry Oldenburg wanted to copy it, for transmission to John Milton and possibly John Dury[] or for some other connection in John Milton used Bodin’s theory in defending his anti-democratic plan for a Grand Council, after Oliver Cromwell ‘s death.


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The ideas in the Six livres on the importance of climate in the shaping of a people’s character were also influential, finding a prominent place in the work of Giovanni Botero — and later in Baron de Montesquieu ‘s — climatic determinism.

Bodin became well known for his analysis of sovereignty, which he took to be indivisible, and to involve full legislative powers though with qualifications and caveats.

The Colloquium was one of the major and most popular manuscripts in clandestine circulation in the early modern period, with more than copies catalogued.

De Malestroit He drew a line under it, by adopting the concept of composite polyarchywhich held sway subsequently. An excursion as a politician having proved a failure, he lived out his life as a provincial magistrate. Bodin’s conception of sovereignty was widely adopted in Europe. For Permissions, please email: Documents and Readingp.

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De la démonomanie des sorciers – Librairie Droz

At the time of the Venetian InterdictVenetians agreed with the legislative definition of dmonomanie. Bodin’s classical definition of sovereignty is: If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

De ceux qui sont assiegez et forcez par les malins esprits: He withdrew his claim, however, in favor of his older brother Henry III who had recently returned from his abortive effort to reign as the King of Poland. Bodin’s views on witchcraft were taken up in England by the witch-hunter Brian Darcy in demonlmanie early s, who argued for burning rather than hanging as a method of execution, and followed some of Bodin’s suggestions in interrogating Ursula Kemp.

In France, Bodin was noted as a historian for his Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem Method for the easy knowledge of history. The work defines “the witch,” elucidates her clandestine operations, and facilitates the task of judges prosecuting the crime of witchcraft The Methodus was a successful and influential manual on the writing of technical history.


In Zalta, Edward N. A revised and expanded Demonnomanie translation by the author appeared in Jean Bodin — was a French jurist and political philosophermember of the Parlement of Paris and professor of law in Toulouse. In Bodin completed in manuscript a Latin work Colloquium heptaplomeres de rerum sublimium arcanis abditis Colloquium of vemonomanie Seven.

De la Demonomanie des Sorciers – Jean Bodin – Google Books

Bodin’s work on political theory saw the introduction of the modern concept of “state” but was in the fact on the cusp of usage with that of Corasiuswith the older meaning of a monarch “maintaining his state” not having dropped away.

Treatise on the Apparitions of Spirits and on Vampires or Revenants: Bodin generally wrote in French, with later Latin translations. Bodin was in touch with William Wade in Paris, Lord Burghley ‘s contact, at the time of publication of the Six livres. In politics, he adhered to the ideas of his time in considering a political revolution in the nature of an astronomical cycle: He hedged the absolutist nature of his theory of sovereignty, which was an analytical concept; if later his ideas were used in a different, normative fashion, that was not overtly the reason in Bodin.

These writings, of course, accompanied the much-documented increase in prosecution, indeed persecution, of so-called witches in the period. Travaux d’Humanisme et Renaissance. Des invocations tacites des malins Esprits Chap.

Des invocations expresses des malins Esprits Chap. The Paradox of Sovereignty and the Privatization of Religion”.