All Things Technical. Download Landice technical manuals below. Treadmill Technical Manuals. L7/L8/L9 Treadmill 90 Series Service Manual MB. Home and Commercial Treadmill. Diagnostic and Service Manual. Dt. Addendum. Version C For Technical Service Call 1-()-LANDICE. Press the MANUAL button at any time and the treadmill is at your command to .. Landice will send you a complimentary Landice T-shirt upon receipt of your.

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Landice L7 Service Manual

Fitness Protocols Executive The Executive treadmill provides the following fitness protocols, which are manually controlled, flat ground, complete- as-fast-as-you-can runs. Rotate the upper control panel as shown and slide it down and out of the slot in the top of the frame.

If you have no power to the upper console, use a Check and reset the facility voltmeter to measure AC voltage from the outlet. Testing Elevation Potentiometer 1. The bar fills to the right as brightness increases. Cut plastic wire ties as needed but remember to replace them when done! Page 55 Pro Sports Treadmill Operation 1.

Remove hitch pins using needle nose pliers and remove Motor Spacers. Elevation Motor If the motor fails any of these tests, replace it.

Cardio Treadmill Operation 7. Landice L9 Club Brochure 10 pages. Upper display lights, treadbelt moves, speed will not increase Troubleshooting 6. Straddle the treadbelt with one foot on each traction strip. Introduction Electrical Requirements 2. The calculated target heart rate landjce before you start the test is derived from statistical heart rate capacity averages.



Use arrow to scroll through the built-in and user-defined program previews and select the desired program ENTER by pressing. Got it, continue to print. Don’t show me this message again. Manuao the two top center bolts Figure Press ENTER or use the arrow keys at any time to view any of the other motivational screens during your program, including the Program Profile screen to see a program overview.

Fitness protocols are not heart rate manal.

Landice Product Manuals | Treadmills, Ellipticals & Bikes | Landice

Troubleshooting Testing Membrane and Faceplate Figure Page 14 Introduction Figure Attach bridge with two button head cap screws Mamual using 5mm hex wrench.

Treadbelt Tracking Adjustment Maintenance and Troubleshooting 8. Stop adjusting the foot when the bubble is centered on the level. Remove the screws that secure the reading rack in place and remove the reading rack. Landice will reimburse the selling dealer according to our flat rate labor schedule. Adjust the max speed first. There are three cables coming from the bottom of the Console: Page 24 Installation Figure Turn the 14mm nut clockwise to raise the foot. Remove motor cover screws and cover.

Executive Treadmill Operation indicates that any future speed or grade changes will trigger the creation of a new segment. Landice L9 Club Brochure 10 pages.


The User Program Preview Screen displays the program overview and the total program time. Upon completion, you will receive a fitness assessment based on your performance versus your demographics Bring the set speed to 12mph. Club models do not have the wireless pulse cable. Page 89 Executive Treadmill Operation Each program manul divided into 20 equal segments.

Page Fitness Testing 4. The components are held together with plastic strapping.

Enter your weight using the numeric keypad or arrows. The User- Defined Heart Rate programs are designed to allow you to set the target heart rate for up to 20 program segments.

This manual also for: Select the program you want to run. Loosen the 19mm nut by turning it clockwise and rest it against the 14mm nut.

Quick Start Guide To start the treadmill: Troubleshooting Testing Elevation Potentiometer 7.

Upper display lights but treadbelt does not move 6. Count to two and release all keys. If vacuuming does not remove dirt, Landice recommends the use of a medium stiff nylon bristle brush to remove dirt trapped in treadbelt surface. See instructions included with SlipCoat Lubricant.