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on Working Time, (Ley sobre la Jornada de Trabajo), of 12 (Boletín Oficial No. , 25 June , p.3). Decreto Ley N° _pdf . 2), as amended up to 26 November by Law No. Ley Nopdf on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers (Decreto Ley n° Ley pdf. click on on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers ( Decreto Ley n° sobre el régimen de trabajo del (Boletín Oficial No.

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Employers cannot make young workers to work during rest days. The hours of work shall not exceed 8 hours per day. Special categories Domestic work When there is a special need 2630 performance overtime work, the employer may require the performance of not more than 263900 hours over a 4 week period and up to lej per year.

When there is a special need of performance overtime work, the employer may require the performance of not more than 48 hours over a 4 week period and up to hours per year. In that case, meal breaks shall be included in the calculation of working time. If the employment commenced after 31 August during the annual leave year, the employee shall only be entitled to five days of annual leave.

Employees shall be entitled to enjoy a daily rest period of 12 consecutive hours. Every worker is entitled to the following special paid leaves: Holiday pay for an employee remunerated per week or per month shall be calculated in accordance with the weekly 2390 monthly wage to which he was entitled at the moment of commencement of the annual leave.

Regulation of the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health on young workers and recommendations on the application of the Regulation, of However, the employer shall exercise this assignment with no alteration of the terms and conditions of the contract, causing a moral or material prejudice to the worker.


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The hours of work in any indiviudal week must not exceed 56 hours. In any case, the total hours worked cannot exceed the normal hours of full-time workers and the rules on rest periods must be respected. The employer shall inform the workers of the company on the existence of vacant posts so the workers may request the voluntary conversion of their full-time work to part-time and vice versa.

In cases in which the work is carried out in unhealthy places and where the health 26309 the worker is at risk, the hours of work shall not exceed 36 per week.

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Workers shall be provided with “rest intervals” during which employees are not obliged to remain at the workplace after 5 consecutive hours of work. After a period of at least 1 year and up to 5 years, 14 days with full pay.

In addition, one hour each week shall be provided for attend the ceremonies of his religion. The limitation of hours of work has constitutional status in all the territory of the Republic: Every worker shall enjoy a weekly rest of 35 hours pey on Saturday at Annual leave is paid and cannot be renounced for compensation.

Employees shall be provided with at least 36 consecutive hours of weekly rest. The employer shall determine a schedule of working hours for a night worker, who is exposed to particular risks or severe physical or mental strains, enabling him or her to work no longer than 8 hours of night work in a period of 24 hours.

Casual work is the work performed by an employee in order to achieve specific results, related to extraordinary and transitory services, provided that no identification of term is posible and no expectation of regular or continuing employment exists.


Exceptions Under specific regulations concerning certain key, collective agreements or agreement between the works council and the employer or employment contract, longer working hours may be scheduled.

The 8 hour limit can be exceeded, provided the average hours worked over lye three week period do not exceed the 48 hour weekly limit. Night work refers to work performed between 9 p. Collective agreements or, where there are none, agreements between the employer and representatives of the workers, can establish an irregular distribution of working hours across the year.

Members of the immediate family include: They have to be professionally qualified. The limitation of 48 hours does not apply to workers holding responsible positions, when the work is performed in teams, or in cases of accident, urgency, or force majeure, when the work cannot be made during normal working hours Law No.

No general daily limit. However, these modifications are not included since they are not yet implemented. In addition, one hour each week shall be provided for attend the ceremonies of his religion.

In order to be entitled to enjoy annual leave, the worker shall have worked at least the half of all working days in a year. Historical data year indicates year of data collection Night work is work performed between 10p.

Annual leave is remunerated with full pay. Agricultural workers shall enjoy a period key annual leave of 10 to 30 days depending on the seniority.