View and Download LG-Nortel Aria Soho feature description and operation manual online. Aria Soho Adapter pdf manual download. If the cable wiring is all done, LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO can be installed in under an hour. Here is a simple manual how to do it right. LGN and ARIA SOHO are trademarks of LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective.

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Any unauthorized reproductions, use or disclosure of this material, or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited and is a violation of Copyright Laws. LGN reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time without notice. This manual contains the fol lowing sections.


The destination refer to Figure 2. If a destination station is busy, the incoming call returns a muted ring signal, so the Station user can noortel up the incoming CO call as needed.

The ringing Station is decided by the Hunt Group type refer to Ref. In Station programming, the User can set the Call Cut-Off Timer, whereas the call will be disconnected automatically when the timer qria.

The called and called parties will hear a warning tone 15 seconds before the call is disconnected. This programming eliminates the necessity for the User to dial the access code of the least expensive carrier.

User can access nortek with the carrier access code and the long distance access code without 0. The last dialed number directory allows duplicate phone numbers to be stored. Station numbers consisting of up to 24 digits including pauses, Flash commands, pulse-to-tone switchover, and no-display characters pause is automatically inserted after a flash.

LG Nortel Aria Soho Ldpdss Direct Station Select | eBay

These numbers are available for easy access by all Stations allowed in the System. There are several types of Call Forwarding: Lift the handset or press the [MON] button. Dial the Call Forward code 3. Dial the Call Forward code 5. Dial the Call Forward code 9. Dial the Call Forward code 0. There are 2 kinds of call transfer: Screened, and Unscreened Transfer, as detailed in the following Table Press and release the hook-switch, the intercom dial tone should be heard.

If a call is placed on I-Hold while dialing on a CO Line exists, the dialing will not be transmitted. Attendant will receive a recall ring. If the Attendant does not answer in the Attendant Recall timer duration, the CO Line call will be disconnected and the line will be returned to an idle state. Intercom tenancy Group refer to Ref. These messages are programmed by the System Attendant refer to Ref. Detailed information is entered by each User ex.


SLT phones cannot receive alarm signals. Music from the source is heard over the Station Speaker and will be automatically shut-off when a call or paging announcement is received, or when the Station is off-hook.

To assign a Flexible Button, perform the following: The Station can be programmed for Headset operation in place of the Speakerphone mode of operation. Stations equipped with a Speakerphone can select one of the available 3 signaling modes: A maximum of 5 Intercom Tenancy Groups can be assigned.

In this case, the error tone will not be provided at the attempting Station. If this feature does not operate, verify if the Speakerphone is enabled or disabled. On-hook dialing is not available on all keysets. Press a button in the Main Menu mode to activate the flexible button programming mode. Dialing a code followed by the old Station number brings all the Station attributes including Station number, button mapping, Speed Dial, and Class of Service refer to Ref.

This feature can be programmed to activate only once, or to repeat daily. If the User goes off-hook during the alarm, a special dial tone will be heard. This feature is enabled to extend unsupervised conference timer for as long as the caller wants.

If the called party DKTU is set to linked-pair Station, the answer mode of the called party will no be changed. When the system reset happens, all login agents are automatically logged out. The System assigns the Call Log list from the first available port in order.

If a Station presses the In-Room Indication button at a station other than the Supervisor, an error tone will be presented. The User may enter the Account Code before a call conversation is established. Press the flexible button to be programmed. If a call is not answered when the first Announcement timer expires, the second announcement will be provided if the call continues to wait.

Transferred calls to a Hunt Group are not recalled. When a call is received in a Hunt Group, the call will be in the ring process before receiving the VMIB announcement for the duration of the Hunt Group Announcement timer. If unanswered or unavailable, the call proceeds to the next listed Station in the Group.

Press the flexible button to be assigned. Connected users can speak and hear with each other at the same time. During an existing call, press the [CONF] button; the call will be put on Hold and the intercom dial tone will be heard.

To join a Conference Room internal callperform the following: Dial the activated Conference Room number Lift the Handset, or press the [MON] button.


The call with the Paging party will be established and the zone will return to idle. Press the [SPEED] button while the recorded message is playing to delete the message; the confirmation tone should be heard. Aintercom calls and transfer calls are automatically routed to the designated Secretary.

Operation To register a Door Open command, perform the following Steps: The CO shoo is not received at the Intercom box. An Intercom box can be a member of a Page Zone group refer to Ref. System greetings should be recorded before use.

LG Nortel Aria Soho Ldp-7248dss Direct Station Select

Users can modify prompts ex. Not available on SLT. Operation To transfer a message to another Station, perform the following Steps: While hearing a message, dial the Station number to be transferred to. Authorization codes may be entered and recorded. There are 5 ring modes: The Destination of a CO call can be set differently for each ring mode; Intercom Tenancy group attendants only effect the Intercom Tenancy group they belong to.

Operation To select the music source from the Attendant Station, perform the following Steps: The consoles are arranged as flexible mapped units. The information can be used to: Monitor and evaluate System performance. It provides the following information fields. MBU software is upgraded. Click on the OK button. Feature Description and Operation Manual June, 2. Select the port type Modem Connection. Click on the Select button.

This manual contains the following sections.

LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO – First Time Installation

Please refer to that manual to ensure the System is prepared for Admin Programming covered in this manual. Enter the [PGM] number 2. Press the [FLEX] button 4. When programming using Station Ranges, all Stations within that range will have the same programmed values. Call Park 03 Button Enter the appropriate Station number or Station Range 4.

Enter the appropriate Station Number or Station Range 4. Enter the appropriate Group Number 4. Enter the appropriate Station Number 4.

Dial PGM Number or 3. When programming, if the programmer enters data correctly, the LCD and LED s show he entered data, and is stored in the temporary buffer area. Enter the appropriate CO Line Range 4. Enter the appropriate CO Line Range 8. Follow the specific Procedure as listed in the Table. In this program mode, the following items can be customized: